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Visits by our Friends...

... from the "Other Side"
We met them - face to face
We spoke to them - person to person

Life After Death

Visits by Our Friends from the "Other Side"

By Tom Harrison

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This, Tom Harrison’s original book about the amazing psychic/ spiritual  phenomena of 'materialisation' they had through his mother's mediumship is being reprinted by special request of several friends who like to give it as a gift to those they feel need its help. Throughout the 8 years the circle was able to sit they had the whole range of phenomena from apports to voices and fully formed Spirit people standing amongst them.

Four years after Tom originally had this book printed he realised that he had omitted to mention anything about life in the Spirit world and so a folded loose sheet was inserted with each copy; the following year another sheet with the extract from Col. Dixon Smith’s book 'New Light on Survival' was also added.

We have reproduced the book as Tom first set it up but with the two extra pieces now included in the book itself.

The story is more fully told in 'Life After Death: Living Proof' (2008) but this is an introduction to the subject.

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  • Paperback: 46 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications; Revised edition (23 Feb 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955705083
  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 14.9 cm (5.8”x  8.25”)
Healing Aspects

OUR Saturday night Home Circle was always a Healing Centre for those in need and its value as such was illustrated in so many ways for so many different people. Perhaps one of the more significant aspects was the healing given to my mother, our medium. I was frequently asked, whether the physical phenomena had any ill-effect on the medium’s health. I was delighted to assure them that certainly in my mother’s case the reverse was in fact true.

Mother had her first operation for breast cancer in 1942 and by the time we started our Home Circle in April 1946 the use of her left arm was seriously impaired by the swollen lymphatic glands. There was a constant nagging pain and she was unable to raise the arm above waist high – but her inherent cheerfulness and resolution kept it all very low profile.

By the mid-1950s we had been sitting for 7/8 years and she had been operated upon numerous times. Each time the consulting surgeon commented on her remarkable powers of recuperation and on one particular occasion added, with some apparent bewilderment, “Someone else seems to be doing you more good than we are!” Little did he know the real truth of his comments. Fortunately, today’s medical profession is not so bigoted and many doctors are not averse to recommending ‘alternative medicine’, including Spirit healing.

One particularly intriguing aspect of the healing given to mother during our sittings was demonstrated to us when Sunrise was controlling her usually at the end of the trumpet voice phenomena before she moved on to the chair behind the cabinet curtain ready for the materialisation phenomena.

Sunrise would stand her up and then tell us he would help the medium’s arm. With no more ado he would immediately raise mother’s left arm vertically above her head something she had been unable to do for many years and then start swinging it round and round like a propeller. After three or four minutes of this rapid exercise he would bring the arm to rest down by her side, stand for a moment or two and then walk her the few steps to the chair in the cabinet and sit her down.
Mam, being in deep trance, was completely unaware of this arm-swinging, the same as she was unaware of all the physical phenomena that occurred – but we always told her about it while having our cup of tea afterwards. She was always amazed and try as hard as she could was never able to raise it above her waist.

Mam’s normal sleep pattern was very irregular because of the ever-present nagging pains, but after our sittings on Saturday evenings she always enjoyed four to five hours solid sleep that night. If the physical phenomena took any energy out of her – as some people seem to think – then her Spirit guides and healers replaced it – with added beneficial effects.

In addition to our Saturday evening sittings, we also held a Healing Circle in our own home during the week. Mother often attended, purely as a patient, and received further healing from another of our members, a staunch friend, Mr Wilf Waite.

We were told that, in general, the same team of Spirit helpers was at both Circles and it was encouraging to know that the power needed to heal others was closely linked with the power we gave for the physical phenomena on Saturday evenings. In effect – the more we gave – the more we received – the more to be able to help others!

Another poem found in my mother’s papers after she had gone

No funeral gloom my dears, When I am gone;
Corpse-gazing; tears; black raiment; graveyard grimness;
Think of me as withdrawn into the dimness,

Yours still you mine; remember all the best
Of our past moments
and forget the rest.
Cremate my body then my dears. When I am gone;
Think of my soul in realms supernal,
Returning oft to earth from the Eternal;
Yours still
you mine; united still in love
Till God shall call you too my dears

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