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Visitors from the "other side"

Fully materialised spirit people & other types of physical phenomena

Life After Death

Tom Harrison talks about Visitors from the "Other Side" DVD

By Tom Harrison

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After 25 years of giving his talk about the wonderful physical contact with the Spirit World in their Home Circle in Middlesbrough from 1946 to '54, one of his daughters said- "You won't be able to do this much longer, Dad. You had better make a video."

So here it is – with extracts from some of Tom's talks in 1994, contemporary filmed interviews with other circle members and guests from those days, together with the photographs of ectoplasm and ectoplasmic materialisation which illustrate his talks. The photographs taken in 1948 were principally for the benefit of the deep-trance control medium, his mother, Minnie Harrison, who was completely oblivious to the remarkable phenomena they witnessed each week.

We hope the evidence contained in this DVD, may inspire you to continue your search for close contact with the ever-living world of Spirit and perhaps to become a channel for them – for as Granny Lumsden, Aunt Agg and all the Spirit visitors said – "We do like to come and talk to you all…. Thank you for giving us the opportunity."

It is impossible, of course, to cover the 8 years the circle sat in 60 minutes but we trust you will enjoy this selection of significant experiences.

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