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Life after Death

A lifetime's experiences of physical phenomena
& materialisations through the mediumship
of Minnie Harrison

Life After Death

Life After Death: Living Proof

By Tom Harrison

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Tom, born into a Spiritualist family, in 1918, has experienced psychic phenomena from an early age. His mother, Minnie, had developed her natural mediumistic gifts from childhood. In 1946 as one of the original members of their weekly home circle in Middlesbrough, with his mother as the medium, he witnessed the breathtakingly unique and rapid progress of the physical phenomena. 

ApportsThis book gives us not only a brief introduction to the man himself but details the development of the home circle, with his mother as the medium, and the amazing phenomena which they witnessed in only 32 weeks – apports, telekinesis, spirit lights, voices through the ‘trumpet’ megaphone, spirit writing, ectoplasmic hands against a painted plaque and then full ectoplasmic materialisations in red light with the medium still sitting with them in the circle.

Over the next seven years more than 1,500 ectoplasmic materialised Spirit people were greeted and embraced by the circle and their scores of visitors, to whom was proved the reality of Life After Death.

Many of these accounts are taken directly from the circle notes that Tom made each week and illustrated by the photographs they took, solely for his mother’s benefit so she could see what they were seeing.

Thirty-five years after his mother’s passing into the Spirit world Tom was again sitting regularly in another physical circle with Stewart Alexander and some of the special times in that circle are also recorded in the book, together with the account of the wonderful mass long-distance healing which Tom experienced when he was in hospital in Spain in 2007.

Originally published in 2004 this revised edition was brought into print in 2008 to be able to include this amazing healing session when the healing energy of almost 100 people sitting together helped three specifically named people – Tom in Spain, a lady in York and a man in Glasgow.

A book with an easy-to-read style which many have read over and over again

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  • Paperback: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications; Current Revised Edition (26 Jun 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955705014
  • Product Dimensions: 21.3 x 13.7 cm  (5.5” x 8.5”)
A Breathtaking Experience

We had been sitting for only eight months when during Sitting 32 on 7th Dec. 1946 we were astounded to have such a phenomenal and breathtaking experience; truly 'out of this world'.  We met our first fully formed ectoplasmic materialised Spirit person! It may not have been as grandiose or stupendous as Spielberg's block-buster film, 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' many years later, but for us it was amazingly awe-inspiring in a far more intimate manner. Here in this everyday friendly sitting room adjacent to Sydney and Gladys' shop, with the door and windows locked, we opened and closed our Sitting that evening with seven of us round the fireplace, yet, for a few precious minutes during that Sitting there were eight of us, all clearly visible to each other in the red light which illuminated the room during the whole Sitting of some 45 minutes. The eighth person who joined us for that brief time was none other than Aunt Agg, who had been in the Spirit World for almost four years, since November 1942. 

Firstly let me remind you that ectoplasm is not a 'ghostly, vapour-like' substance, which simply floats around the atmosphere. It is a tangible, transmutative material produced by the Spirit chemists/scientists from within the body of the medium. How they produce it cannot be explained by our current scientific terminology - in the same way that I could not explain or describe to a person blind from birth, any colour in the spectrum.  But let me assure you they do create it in the medium and it emanates from one or more orifices such as the mouth, nostrils, ears or solar plexus.  In my mother's mediumship it generally came from the mouth, as will be seen from the infra-red photograph in this book. On this particular evening we sat in the red light with my mother in full view of everyone in the room, sitting on her usual dining chair at the end of the semi-circle of sitters around the fireplace. I always sat immediately opposite her at the other end of the semi-circle and could clearly see anything that happened. We sat for at least half an hour and nothing had happened - which was most unusual. We were beginning to think there would be no phenomena that evening, when we saw this white disc, about two feet diameter, on the floor between my mother and myself. 

Because of the smallness of the room I was never more than five feet from my mother and could clearly see this white disc, which was linked to my mother, who was now in deep trance control and knew nothing about what was happening. As you will have read from the previous chapters, we had seen and felt ectoplasmic hands but had never seen such a large quantity of ectoplasm. We were all very excited of course and as we chatted we saw this disc begin to build into a vertical white column, which grew to about five feet of solid ectoplasm!  "Amazing" we said! We then expected the column to simply gradually diminish and let the ectoplasm return to my mother - but that did not happen. The column remained still for a few minutes whilst we all stared at it, getting more and more excited.  Then, as I was watching it, the top of it twisted towards me and I could just see there was the semblance of a face in it, but I could not have recognised who it was. 

Ectoplasm - Aunt AggFrom the body of the column there then appeared two hands and arms covered by the ectoplasmic 'robes' of the person who was standing in front of me. As the hands approached me, I instinctively stretched out my arms and hands towards them - not in any way frightened as it all seemed so natural, but still a little apprehensive I suppose, about meeting a materialised Spirit person so close for the first time. Our hands engaged and I then realised that in my right hand I was being given four beautiful carnations, apports.  As I grasped the flowers very tightly, my two hands were firmly clasped by the warm ectoplasmic hands in front of me.  I then heard, quietly but clearly, from the face above me, the words "For you, for you." The hands and arms went back into the 'column' of ectoplasm and it then shrunk, slowly towards the floor, as the ectoplasm returned to my mother and we were all left exceedingly breathless after such a unique experience. 

As for me, there I was sitting on my chair opposite my mother, with my mouth wide open, still tightly grasping the four carnations I had received a few moments before, trying to appreciate the full meaning of my 'brief encounter' of a most wonderful kind! We later learned that our first visitor had been Aunt Agg, who because of her mediumistic qualities and empathy with her sister often became the 'test pilot'. I still found it difficult to comprehend fully the significance of her visit, but there was no question about her presence as confirmed by the beautiful carnations I was still grasping many minutes afterwards. We shared them amongst us and mine still has prime position in my folder of Memorabilia.

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