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Saturday Night Press Publications (SNPP)

SNPP publishes Spiritual/Spiritualist books under what has been termed "vanity publishing", in that books which "mainstream" publishers will not accept (largely because they cannot make enough money on them), can be put before the public to spread knowledge and awareness of what is possible when we care enough.

SNPP has agreements with Lightning Source for books to be printed in UK, USA and from summer 2011 also in Australia so by using which ever is closest to the customer costs can be kept down.

Working with high quality software, Ann produces books to the standards required by Lightning Source, the printing arm of the Ingram Group of companies, foremost in book distribution through out the world.

Through the print-on-demand system (POD) books are only printed when ordered whether for Direct Distribution to a customer or for the trade booksellers and the turn-around time from order to despatch is usually 24hours.

The name, Saturday Night Press, was coined in 1989 when Tom Harrison wanted to publish the first booklet about his mother's mediumship entitled 'Visits by our Friends from the Other Side'.

Their Home Circle back in the 1940/50s, with his mother Minnie Harrison as the medium, had been known as the Saturday Night Club so he adopted that name to register a publishing company with the firm issuing the ISBN numbers.

It was expanded to SNPP (adding the word Publications) in 1995 when the video, made by two very professional friends Pat and Tony Hamblin, went on sale. This 60 minute video shows Tom talking about his experiences, with excerpts from his talks and also includes interviews with others who had been at those circles in the 40s and 50s. This was followed six months later by a 90 minute audio cassette of the only surviving recording made of a Christmas Party sitting by the circle in 1954.

This video and cassette have since been upgraded to digital formats as a DVD and a CD.

The 1990s were busy years for Tom and Ann as they toured the UK from Nairn and Aberdeen in the North to Bournemouth and Bridgwater in the South; not forgetting South Wales and Lincolnshire and all the wonderful people they met as Tom gave his talk about the phenomena-packed sittings and materialisations that occurred in the room behind the general store-cum-bakers shop in Middlesbrough. And when they weren't travelling they felt themselves privileged to be part of Stewart Alexander's Home Circle, where Ann was now able to experience some of the things that Tom talked about.

Finally having decided to write his longer book they retired to Spain and found there many other people to enthral with the wondrous happenings with his mother as the medium.

When in 2004 Tom had completed a much expanded book about the Home Circle and the amazing materialisations he had witnessed there, including explanations of some of the terms used, his life story and events from the 1990s, he needed a further ISBN and so the name was revived and Ann had the foresight to buy the rest of the block of numbers for as she said, "You never know, we might have other books to do too."

This was to be so. Professor David Fontana asked her to publish an educational thesis about Special Needs Education in Pakistan, on behalf of one of his colleagues, and from there the project gathered momentum.

Tom Harrison

Tom HarrisonTom was born in Middlesbrough in August 1918.

In 1946, following 7 years in the army in France, Iceland and Germany, keeping supplies on the move, Tom returned to civilian and family life. The home circle, with his mother as the medium, started – but for him, the fight also began, to carve a career for himself and the growing family. With many job changes over the next 15 years, moving from junior clerk to the senior post of Service Manager in the Head Office of an engineering firm, after a holiday in Cornwall he and Doris decided to set up a restaurant there, in Perranporth. This move then led to Tom being appointed Founder Manager of The Arthur Findlay College for Psychic Science at Stansted Hall, Essex, in 1966.

A conversation at the College the following year and the instruction to ‘get out and tell everyone’ about the wonderful phenomena he had witnessed, resulted in transparencies being made from the photographs taken in the Harrison home circle and the start of 42 years touring Britain telling many hundreds of eager listeners about his mother’s mediumship.

Tom was an enthusiastic and captivating speaker. His sincerity and honesty was apparent to all who heard him. He gave his last talk in August 2010, 2 weeks after his 92nd birthday, at the College where it all started.

A keen sportsman in his younger years, particularly athletics and football (and a life-long supporter of Middlesbrough FC), he later became a football referee and then an assessor of referees. In his late 60s he took up Bowls and with his usual enthusiasm became an umpire, to national level.

In the year he became 70, he started to write about his experiences and was persuaded to learn to use a computer rather than a typewriter for such work. This was to prove a great asset and he liked nothing better in his latter years than to write to friends by e-mail and ‘surf the net’.

His first account was the small 32-page booklet ‘Visits by our friends from the Other Side’.

Then in 2004, in the benevolent climate of the south east coast of Spain, Tom continued his work of spreading the knowledge of communication with the Spirit World by writing his life story in ‘Life After Death – Living Proof’, this time adding accounts of experiences since the 1940s-50s.

In October 2010, when they had returned to England for a holiday, Tom suffered a heavy fall which led to him leaving this Earth and finding himself in the Spirit World which, he informed one friend who is a medium, ‘was a bit of a surprise’.

Since then he seems to be making a point of visiting as many people as possible continuing to prove survival of physical death and the incontrovertible evidence of communication between the two worlds.

Ann Harrison

..the other half of the partnership

Ann HarrisonAnn Harrison, born in East Yorkshire, England, originally trained in Pharmacy before taking a degree in Education at the University of Wales and teaching in Primary schools for 10 years.

After the death of her husband in 1990 she became interested in communication from the spirit realms and also qualified in several healing therapies.

She became involved in research into psychical physical phenomena on meeting her second husband, Tom Harrison, in 1993 and has sat with several current physical mediums throughout the 1990s to the present day.

Her connection through Tom with Prof. David Fontana led to an awareness of ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) in 2004 and she began collating the ITC Journal for Anabela Cardoso in 2006. (See the ITC website at From this Ann has developed an introductory visual presentation on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) and DRV (Direct Radio Voice).

Ann's main passion after cooking and gardening is publishing books, particularly on physical phenomena through their publishing company – SNPP.

Since Tom’s transition to higher realms she is continuing his work in spreading the knowledge of the reality of psychic phenomena and what might be achieved when people sit together in harmony and sincerity. She gave ‘his’ talk about his mother’s mediumship for the first time just one week after his passing at an international gathering on the North Yorkshire Coast in October 2010.


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