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Tom Harrison's talks about the physical mediumship of Minnie Harrison and the Harrison Home Circle are now presented by Ann Harrison along with her own talks about Alec Harris, ITC and spirit images

Tom's Presentations:

1. "The Saturday Night Club: the story of the remarkable mediumship of Minnie Harrison"
Life After DeathTom's grandfather
materialises Feb 1948

A Power-Point illustrated talk with original photographs taken in the circle in 1947/48.

This talk outlines the development of the amazing phenomena they had in the circle; receiving full-form ectoplasmic materialisations in red light in just 8 months from the beginning of the circle, as well as experiencing telekinesis, apports, trumpet voices spirit lights and spirit writing on the way.

See the original trumpet, notebooks and a few of the apports and signatures received.

A fascinating story.

*Since Tom’s passing Ann has taken over the telling of the wonders Tom and the others experienced having listened to Tom giving the talk almost 200 times, as well as helping him with his book.

Duration: a minimum of 90 minutes.

2. "Spirits speak at Christmas"
Life After DeathGranny Lumsden
materialises Jan 1948

Based on the BBC Radio 4 broadcast made by Chris Eldon Lee in 2003.

Chris used Tom’s ‘Christmas Party Sitting’ recording of Spirit people speaking to them and also interviewed Tom and others who were present at the circle in 1954 to make the programme which was broadcast on 24th December 2003 and repeated on the 1st January 2004. (50 years after the original sitting was held).
Tom has taken pieces of the interviews from the broadcast and tracks from his own recording putting them together with photographs of the people and places and invites you to join them at the Party. A feast of sound and image as a Power-Point presentation.

Duration: 60 to 90 minutes.

Ann's Presentations:

1. "Alec Harris: the story of his mediumship."
Life After DeathRohan, a main guide,
drawn by Alec Harris

A Power-Point illustrated talk based on the book published by SNPP in 2009 with photographs and Alec’s coloured drawings of their guides from the book. Ann developed this talk, picking on some of the outstanding stories, for the launch of the book in October 2009 with the permission of Alec’s son, Bradley.

Duration 60 to 90 minutes.




2. "ITC – a different approach to communication"

An Introduction to Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)

Life After DeathA mobile phone picture and its analysis

A Power-Point illustrated talk tracing the history of the subject and its varied methods from tape-recordings to radio voices and vision via TV and computer; from Edison and Jürgenson to Marcello Bacci and Anabela Cardoso in the present day. Some recent testimonies and examples are included from the ITC Journal which Ann collates for Anabela.

Duration 60 to 90 minutes.

3. "Spirit Images – From glass plate to mobile phone"
Life After DeathMrs Buxton's dog returns and a beloved pony. Photos by Billy Hope

A Power-Point illustrated talk covering the development of Spirit Photography from its earliest days, its characters and different forms; bringing it all up to the moment with television, digital cameras and mobile phones.

Duration 60 to 90 minutes




* Ann is now back in the North West of England after 17 years in Spain and if you would like her to give a talk please write for more info to:

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