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What is The Next Horizon?

A study of Unusual Happenings on the Path of Your Life

What is the Next Horizon? A study of Unusual Happenings on the Path of Your Life

What is the Next Horizon? A study of Unusual Happenings on the Path of Your Life

By Katie Halliwell

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Following on from her book “Touching the Next Horizon” Katie Halliwell has added this book. In these pages she hopes to help those who have had unusual experiences come to terms with what is real and what is not by sharing her own investigations, including errors and mistakes.

Precognitive dreams; astral travelling; seeing, hearing and/or sensing dead people are but a few of the natural strange happenings some of us do not quite understand and in many cases do not wish to talk about. Perhaps it might be because we simply do not know enough about the phenomenon.

Being isolated as a deaf child, she had no choice but to listen to the still quiet voice within and this brought about a lot of research. Eventually, after receiving numerous evidences of life after physical death, all doubt was definitely eliminated.

Reading her story will give you a chance to look through the keyhole at a unique way of life-giving comfort to the dying and hope for the bereaved and, as it is up to the individual to seek his or her own true meaning of life, whatever it may be, this book could help point towards the right direction.

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  • Paperback: 100 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908421623

Katie King & Dr GullyYou are probably wondering what this 'Next Horizon' is all about.

Well, to my way of thinking, the 'Next Horizon' is something our material eyes cannot yet see, along with something we are reluctant to talk about and we need to find out more because it is part of our destiny.  It is a state of consciousness; another dimension; a mystery that can puzzle us to a great extent, especially when we come across a 'next horizon' experience at some point in our physical lives.

I too had a spontaneous occurrence of seeing my mum nine days after she died in 1976, and I have often wondered how many other people will have had similar extraordinary experiences which are rarely spoken about because they fear that they might be ridiculed. 

Instead of staying embarrassingly quiet – like most of us do, why not bring it all out into the open – to gain knowledge of where we are going, why we are here and in doing so, perhaps discover this state of consciousness that awaits us all.

As the 'Next Horizon' is something we haven’t yet reached but will do so one day, there is a lot to learn and with the help of this book, you could find food for thought and perhaps even create your own discussion groups.

Or you may just wish to enjoy the story of a deaf child experiencing the challenges she had to face in the 1950s onwards.

I was born deaf and had to have extensive speech therapy during my early years. Not being able to talk properly was caused by my inability to hear the correct pronunciations of certain words and letters. This was indeed, a problem at the time.

Although I had the support of a loving and caring family, I did struggle with my education before being transferred to a deaf and dumb school in 1957.

Being cut off in many ways from the noisy material world, the silence of my thoughts allowed me to look deep within. It was an opening into an unseen world prompting many questions into the enigma of life.

As I tell my life story which will include the extraordinary experiences I have had, the facts, theories and anomalies section at the end of each chapter will invite you to investigate spiritual studies of your own choice along with recommended books to read.

Or perhaps you might like to consider my own research and views which could offer new ventures for you to explore. Who knows, you might discover that missing piece in your jigsaw of life. After all, we are all pupils on this great school called Earth, so why not join with me and others in sharing these bizarre experiences with extra confidence and gain a greater perception of such anomalies beyond the present understanding of science.

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