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Of Love Between Two Worlds

Of Love Between Two Worlds

A beautiful TRUE story...

Of love Between Two Worlds

Of Love Between Two Worlds

By Georgina & Robert Brake

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In 1940 after Ena's husband of 4 weeks was lost at sea by enemy action she was guided by spirit friends to seek happiness and marry a friend to help him achieve his purpose in his life on Earth. They were happily married for 4 months short of 60 years before she passed into the spirit world to join her soul-mate who had died all those years before. Ena and Bob's life was a satisfying life not only raising two sons but of service to others. Throughout their lives they were staunch Spiritualists and even in their seventies were helping others to understand the Truth of Life here and hereafter. A beautiful TRUE story.

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  • Paperback: 192 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (10 October 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908421012
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Bob & Ena's Golden Wedding anniversaryIt was after the service at the Huddersfield Spiritualist Church in 1989 that I first met Georgina Brake (known to friends as Ena), a very bubbly and chatty person who would move around talking to anyone, particularly newcomers like myself and would make you feel at home in no time. After a friendly chat over a cup of tea she introduced me to her husband Robert (known as Bob), a tall slim gentleman who was lost in a book in the church library, walking about like a monk deep in study, he was a meditative sort of man who didn't say much, but gave me a warm and pleasant greeting – a lovely couple – but oh, talk about chalk and cheese – so very different in personality, one so outgoing, and the other such a quiet introvert. Looking at them from the outside, one could wonder how they could be husband and wife, but deep within there was a strong spiritual bond of devotion between these two special people.

I had gone to the church hoping to find the purpose of life and much to my delight I discovered that Bob and Ena organised the discussion group meetings. I attended these meetings which also gave us the opportunity to get to know each other personally and after a few weeks I found myself in their house learning much more of the truth as they knew it to be. Ena did most of the talking, telling me all about her experiences with physical mediumship, how she had sat with Helen Duncan; how independent direct voice could be heard from mid-air in a well-lit room; how her deceased mother materialised and spoken to her. I would listen intently, often wondering if some of Ena's description was nothing more than an overactive imagination, but Bob would sit quietly in his chair confirming the authenticity of these bizarre meetings.

Ena was quite frustrated at how her vast knowledge of physical mediumship would often be suppressed by this material world simply because she couldn't prove it. Often she would repeat her true stories so accurately as if they had happened only yesterday and Bob would sit quietly in his chair politely saying, "We've heard that one before, dear."

So eager to spread the word, Ena had laboriously hand-written four duplicate books titled My Spiritual Quest as gifts for her grand children and I was privileged to take one of these home with me to read. I was so impressed with the story, I offered to type it out for her and do a few photocopies for some of her friends. The book was so well received we ended up doing many more of the eighty-four-page photocopies for spiritualist churches, and Psychic World printed an article about her book in their newspaper. Ena was so pleased with the result and all the profits went to charity. It was such a delight for me to witness Ena enjoying the success of her book before she passed over to the spirit world on 5th February 2001.

Some time after Ena's passing, Bob gave me a hand-written manuscript describing his side of the story and said, "You don't have to, but you might like to publish this as well." He also asked me not to show it to anyone until after he too had returned to the spirit world. I took it home with me and had a quick read at it, then put it in a safe place knowing that nothing could be done while he was still on the earth plane. Bob passed to spirit on 22nd May 2003.

By 2011 I still had not done anything with Bob's manuscript because over the last decade my energy has been focused on producing the Experiences of Trance trilogy. When we were starting on a fuller edition of Part One of the trilogy in 2007 I had given Ann Harrison one of Ena's photocopied books and having completed Part Three of the Trilogy she asked me if we could get this wonderful story out into the world. Ann told me that it was listening to a track from the Part One CD of Ronald, Ena's first husband, speaking to me in the Alexander Circle on 31st August 2000, that triggered the idea. At that point I told her of Bob's manuscript and sent her a copy.

Robert and Georgina Brake were so closely devoted to each other with a strong bond of spiritual love but it is true to say they were not soul mates, so it is good to be able to put the two parts of their story together as Bob wished.

Ena's story traces her life and their lives together, detailing, where important, their spiritual contacts and the work they did. Bob tells us a little of his life but for him, in the true character of the person he was, the importance lay in telling us of the experiences they had from, what he describes as, the memorable day in July 1939 when, then a serious practising catholic, he went to a spiritualist church with Ena. Much of his account is relayed to us in the letters about happenings in the circle which Ena sent to him during the two years up to their marriage in 1941 and the deep spiritual influence it had on their lives.

Such was his commitment to the importance of good mediumship that at Bob's funeral I was presented with a cheque for £250. It was Bob's wish to donate some of his money towards the production of the first Part One book and the cheque, dated 20th May 2003, was signed by him just 2 days before he passed to spirit.

I wish you could have known them as I did and felt the love they shared but I give you this true story of Bob and Ena's life on Earth as a beacon to bring hope, love, knowledge and inspiration to us all.

Katie Halliwell
Halifax 2011

Chapter 7

Ronald & EnaIt had happened. I was alone. Although there were many tears and great sadness, how could the world go on when mine had stopped, yet there was relief too, my long period of waiting for it was over.

That night in our bedroom I walked the room clutching in my arms the only thing I had of Ronald – his pyjamas which I hugged to me. Realising that he could be there beside me, I can remember saying, "I knew it was going to happen, darling, Chiefy told me months ago. I wanted to tell you, but how
could I. You mustn't stay around me, dear, you must go and enjoy your heaven and progress. It must be my karma to have this mental suffering. Only one thing I ask you, darling, please be there to meet me, when my time comes to pass to the Higher Life."

Within a few days Bob was with me. He became my comforter, he took me for long, long walks and let me cry, he was a rock which I could lean on, he wrote to me frequently, striving to encourage and uplift me.

Many times when Bob came home, Mum would go to bed and leave us talking. I would break down and cry, and Bob would lift me on his lap and gently comfort me, just like a real brother would.

A few days after Ron's passing, a stranger, a lady, came to our door and said, "Are you Mrs Hill, and have you just recently lost your husband? I am a medium and we had your husband through at our circle last night, he told me the address where I would find you, he wants you to bring his mother and sit with us, so that he can come and speak to you."

This we did the next day and Ronald came through telling us that he was asleep in his bunk when the ship was struck and that he was not killed by drowning but by something crashing on his head; that he saw a vivid light, like a search light coming down into the water; that he travelled up it, and there at the top were Chiefy and Ching Chong waiting to help him; and that it was wonderful to see all the different nationalities mixing together in love and harmony.

Would we please pray for some of his ship mates who were still attached to the ship, confused, and did not yet realise what had happened to them. He asked his mother to give me the Chinese Post Card Album he had had when a boy and asked me to thank the lady for the flowers. This I did not understand, but when I returned home, I told mother what Ron had said, and she told me to go into our room, and there I found a lovely bunch of tulips which had arrived whilst Ron was talking to us. They were sent by my doctor's wife.

Ronald also asked us to tell everyone we knew, of everlasting life as this would help the many souls being plunged over the other side. Then they would realise what had happened to them.

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