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'Best' of Both worlds: A tribute to a Great Medium

Albert Best was a wonderful medium and healer. This tribute to his work, first published in 1999 deserves to be available to people who are searching for knowledge today.

'Best' of Both worlds: A tribute to a Great Medium

'Best' of Both worlds: A tribute to a Great Medium

By Rosalind Cattenach

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Albert Best was a wonderful medium and healer. Irish-born, he lived much of his life in the Glasgow region of Scotland. This tribute to his work, first published in 1999 deserves to be available to people who are searching for knowledge today. It went out of print with the passing of the author who was a close friend of Albert's for many years, so we felt it was time to reissue it. His work took him across the world to help those in need and although a very private man he touched many peoples' hearts and gave hope to those in desperate need. This is a heart-warming tale of a man who devoted his life to others, told by those who knew him best.

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  • Paperback: 100 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (25 June 2016)
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  • ISBN-13: 978-1908421265
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From the Back cover:

Albert BestThe annals of Spiritualistic history abound with records of the work of many quite astoundingly gifted mediums and such history is most admirably enhanced with the story of Albert Best, his work and his life.

Being of nature a man of simple tastes and pleasures, Albert Best was never content only to be psychically gifted enough to many amazing proofs of survival of the human personality beyond physical death, but always retained a deep and abiding sense of true compassion for the bereaved and for the sick.

Demonstrating his mediumship privately or publicly Albert came through with some the most astonishing details in proving between the world of spirit and world but also he was the channel for countless outpourings of healing energy, so often bringing results in total defiance of medical prognostications.

With all his modesty and simplicity of style, Albert was, also quite a colourful character and this story gives an all-round account of the life and work of a remarkable man, one I was proud to know as friend and colleague for over thirty years.


An extract from the foreword by Professor Archie Roy - Professor of Astronomy (Glasgow) and Psychical Researcher

I am glad to have been asked to write an introduction to this book of memories of and testimonials to Albert Best. It is my great fortune to have known him for many years and so I feel it a privilege to have the opportunity to write these words and try to convey to the reader the high value I put on his mediumship and on his friendship.

It was John Macdonald, Professor of Hebrew and Semitic languages in the University of Glasgow, who, knowing of my long term interest in psychical research, first took me to Albert's house to meet him. That first meeting, and a subsequent one, are described elsewhere in this book. It is sufficient to say here that I latterly became convinced that I was in the presence of a man with a powerful psychic faculty. As I got to know him better and our friendship grew, and as I watched him many times demonstrate from the platform of Berkeley St church and elsewhere, my conviction deepened that Albert's mediumship was of superstar quality. Whereas it is well known that many genuine mediums exhibit difficulty in grasping names, Albert would not only give relevant names quickly and clearly but also provide addresses to go with them. When I got to know him better and learned the interesting fact that in his earlier life he had been a postman, accustomed to associating names and addresses for many years, I entertained the possibility that his psychic gift utilised his years of conditioning as a postman. There would be no "fishing"; out would come the names and addresses, to the consternation of the recipients.

Many sceptics, who presumably have never sat with someone like Albert, will claim that his ostensible "hits" were guesswork, or cold reading, that is, the sneaky gathering of information from the appearance and response of the recipient. to be worked on and then trotted out as facts fed from "spirit". To myself and those others who studied Albert's psychic abilities, such an "explanation" is laughably inadequate.

Facts, incidents. names. addresses were delivered with confidence before the recipient had even uttered a word. At the very least, it was a demonstration of paranormally acquired information. For many years as a psychical researcher investigating spontaneous cases I was able to depend upon Albert's help.

From 1994 on, the Rev. Max Magee, Chaplain to the University of Strathclyde students, and I would be called out at times to help families who correctly or incorrectly believed themselves to be the victim of paranormal forces. When we felt that a particular case had possibly paranormal overtones, we would take Albert to the location to see what he could detect. We made a rule of never telling Albert anything of the case, not even which town we were going to. It was astonishing when we got to the location how often he was able to describe in detail the situation. One such case is described later in this book (chapter 7; Built-in with the Bricks). We learned to rely on Albert's kindness, his wish to help and the use of his psychic gift. ….

Foremost a healer

Gordon-Smith-&-Anne-Docherty-at-Alberts-memorial-eveningThornhill was not a Spiritualist Healing Centre, it was non-denominational. In fact, Albert and I were the only Spiritualists within the healing group The house itself was in a beautiful setting, surrounded by acres of ground, wonderful trees, birds and flowers, with Highland cattle grazing in one field, and there was a most peaceful atmosphere.

The room dedicated and set aside for healing was large, with three doctor's couches and seating accommodation for about twenty-five people. Healing was available by appointment only, three afternoons and evenings each week, one day being set aside for children. The doors were closed before healing started and no one was allowed to enter or leave whilst healing was in progress as Albert was a trance healer.

Dr Wong, Hans and Ally were the Spirit helpers who worked through Albert. I think Dr Wong came through for the more urgent cases, and when he did his presence was a wonderful experience, one strongly felt his love, compassion and peace. When working with Albert it was as if his hand was penetrating the body, but not of course cutting the flesh.

Drawing something from within, he would then plunge his hand into a basin of water to which disinfectant had been added. It was my understanding that this was to dematerialise the substance removed, but I have no proof of this. Hans and Ally, whilst healing, often brought loved ones from the Spirit world who would prove their identity and give a meaningful message, which in itself was the healing some people needed. The love, peace and healing energy experienced in that dedicated sanctuary was truly wonderful. I know without a shadow of doubt all who entered there were blessed and received healing according to their individual needs of body, mind and spirit. I am still of the opinion that the healing we witnessed was personal and private. Hopefully some people who benefited will send their testimonies.

Approximately twenty-four thousand people received treatment at the sanctuary during the twenty-odd years it was open, from Albert and the band of dedicated healers. Albert gave much of his time to healing and many people had good reason to thank God for what they received.

No known cure ….

One of the most moving and exciting stories of healing given through Albert was that of Lee and Jack McDowell of Lurgan, N. Ireland.

They write that no record of Albert's life would be complete without the following details being included. "That it was a super normal occurrence goes without saying, for there was no known cure at that time for our son. None that we had heard of anyway, and the prospect of critical surgery and a lifetime after of daily medication was appalling. When we were at our lowest point there was Albert, like a lovely, tubby angel, sans wings, giving us hope when we had none. We wrote and told John what had happened and we all started to lift our heads again and hope. That was a joyful day for us, we can tell you! An ordinary day perhaps for Albert but not for us.

How many more '‘Good News' days must there be for countless families all over the countries Albert has travelled, if the truth were known? And it should be and that is why we are telling our tale.

Our son John had been seriously ill for some time. Attending hospital one week in four, where he had undergone tests for Giantism, a condition which affects one person in ten thousand. We were very worried indeed, for his condition was progressively worsening, and it seemed that all the doctors could offer was surgery and a strict regimen of drugs for the rest of his young life.

The events of that Sunday in October will always remain crystal clear in our minds as long as we live. We had left the hospital after visiting our son and had driven through the city to the Malone Avenue Church. There we sat with heavy hearts, for the Specialist's news had not been good - the outlook was bleak indeed. We were desperate, and it seemed that there was no one we could turn to for help, when Albert Best who was demonstrating that morning came to us. 'Mrs McDowell, I have an Ernie Crangle here,' he said (my father's name). 'He is saying to me that he knows the trouble you are having and his message is "As King Canute had stilled the tide, the tide has been stemmed, worry no more, all will be well."'

As was said this was in the month of October. November and December passed with John attending hospital, his condition unchanged. January came and after the usual exhaustive tests had been carried out, one of the doctors questioned our son closely. He wanted to know what had happened in the interim period, for the hormonal imbalance which had been causing the trouble all along had suddenly stabilized. It was a complete mystery to the medical team and the doctor in the end admitted to our lad that 'something in the nature of a miracle had happened!' Tests were carried out regularly for some considerable time afterwards, but each time he received a clean bill of health. Now well over twenty years later he enjoys perfect health. The problem has gone forever. …….

There'll never be another like Albert.

Contact in South Africa

Mike Tannett from Betty's Bay, South Africa writes

How searching for survival led us to Albert Best.

"We lost Mickey our twenty-one-year-old son at sea on 15.4.1988 whilst he was diving for crayfish off Chapman's Peak near Hoult Bay, Cape Town. It was a cold day with a blustering south-easter pushing a swell on to the rocks. His body was recovered six weeks later at Cape Point, some 15 km away.

This was by far the most painful and difficult hurdle in the lives of his parents and two surviving children, for parents who care cannot stop loving or wanting to look after their missing child. 'Is there survival after death and if so is our child in good hands?' we asked the Church Minister after the funeral. 'Oh yes,' he exclaimed. 'Well, please tell us what happens?' we answered. 'Well, there is definitely survival,' we were told but that's where the Church stops. Parents are in such need of comfort, but none is forthcoming. So the search began - through various religions and on into Spiritualism.

Not knowing where to start we discovered some Mediums with various abilities. We read many books including A Venture into Immortality. Both my wife Lynda and I were very impressed with the evidence given in this book by the Rev. David Kennedy from a Medium called Albert Best, and although we would like to have met him we realised the chance of this was remote.

Only a few months later in February 1989 Albert came to Cape Town for a holiday, and we were one of the few privileged couples to sit with him: He was staying with his friends in Diep River, a part of Cape Town we had never visited.

Albert did not even look in our direction, just beckoned us to follow. Before I could sit down he said, 'There is a young man in the room with us who says his name is Michael, and he tells me your name is Michael so to differentiate he is called Mickey. He is saying your surname Tannett, and his middle name is Lawrence.' As we sat down he said, 'He travelled in the car with you from Gordon's Bay. Your son tells me he saw you working on the roof of your house yesterday and that you completed the job.' All this was perfectly correct. This was the greatest treasure for us, it was as if Albert was on a direct telephone to Heaven, for he went on to give the names of my parents and Lynda's parents. He even told me Mickey had met my sister Suzzy who had died when hit by a car in Switzerland in 1948 at the age of three and a half.

He turned to Lynda and said  'Your son says there is something in your bag that belonged to him, please empty it on the floor.' Lynda turned her bag upside down and forty items lay on the floor. 'That belongs to him,' said Albert; pointing at a booklet. He was right again!

The Author Reminisces

Albert & RosalindAlbert loved Stansted and thrived amongst the company of old friends, his face alight with pleasure as he greeted them and welcomed newcomers. Until the last few years he used to rise very early and he and I would wander around the grounds amongst the trees soon after 6 am.

Good programmes were presented, a variety of interesting lectures, discussion groups and private sittings, together with healing available all through the day with excellent healers. Evening entertainment was usually in a lighter vein and very popular. and the Public Services with a good speaker and Albert demonstrating were packed. At that time the word 'tutoring' had not become the criterion at Stansted, but most guests left at the end of Albert's week with increased knowledge and love of the Spirit, many booking for the following year before they departed!

Albert had a great affinity with children, animals and all forms of nature, particularly trees. Every year he held one meditation session in the sanctuary, always on trees, and most visitors would never miss this. Albert frequently was asked to conduct Naming Ceremonies in the sanctuary and this to me and to many others, was a most moving experience. His love really shone through when he took a small child in his arms and those joining in the ceremony were often visibly emotionally affected.

Billy HopeOn the last night of the week the inevitable Concert was produced. For a few years a sketch was written around our friend Albert and this was certainly the high spot of the evening. Albert appeared as Prince Charming in Cinderella with Cinders and two Ugly Sisters - The Sheik of Araby with two ladies from his harem- Albert Doolittle in My Fair Lady with Eliza and Professor Higgins. He also acted in a sketch as an elf, singing "I'm shy, Mary Ellen, I'm shy" with two fairies, and this brought down the house. There were other performances and how he loved playing the fool - fluffed his lines; the witty script often unheard due to the roars of laughter at this buffoonery - the crowning glory being one year when his trousers fell down as he left the stage!

Whilst Albert did not join the healers because of his other commitments, very occasionally he was asked to give healing to someone in great need, often a child. This was never done in public, only with one or two close friends whom he chose to be with him. He usually went into deep trance and Dr Wong worked through him. A very wonderful experience for anyone who was privileged to witness this healing.

Albert had his last week at the Hall in 1994 as he felt strongly it was time for him to retire from this activity, but he was invited to the Stourbridge week in 1995 by Eric Hatton, who one evening produced "This is your Life, Albert Best" in the sanctuary. Albert and all the guests, with the exception of two or three who participated, were completely taken by surprise. Albert, after the initial shock, became his usual ebullient self, causing much laughter by his remarks, although it was obvious at times he was deeply moved at the tributes paid. An evening not to be forgotten.

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