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Touching the Next Horizon

Explores the exceedingly rare gift of genuine physical mediumship through the UK medium Stewart Alexander

Touching the Next Horizon: Experiences of Trance and Physical Mediumship with the Stewart Alexander Circle

Touching the Next Horizon: Experiences of Trance and Physical Mediumship with the Stewart Alexander Circle.

By Katie Halliwell

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Forty-one sound-tracks of the communications with spirit accompany this new book and are available for free to stream on-line.  They can also be purchased to download. The details are within the book.


'Touching the Next Horizon' explores the exceedingly rare gift of genuine physical mediumship through the UK medium Stewart Alexander which includes communications between the living and so-called dead, as reported by Katie Halliwell, a first-hand witness who has kept meticulous records. Detailing 20 years of the author's experiences with the 'Stewart Alexander Circle' it contains the best of her original trilogy and further interesting reports of trance and physical phenomena up to 2019. Katie includes the results of the tragic passing of a prominent circle member and the death of a much-loved friend of the circle and his 'return' to speak to a friend and later materialise to hold his wife's hand.

Also in the book are fine detailed illustrations depicting physical phenomena in action, as Katie takes us into the séance room. The interesting account of the traditional Christmas tree séance which the Alexander Circle gave in 2006 is included with a report on the evident joy of the sitters as the Spirit children played with the toys provided.
New information from the spirit team clarifies the different energy needed for the matter-thru-matter experiment and we read of new steps in developing transfiguration which brings us up to date. These are just some of the wonders within this new edition as it seeks to demonstrate and prove survival after death and how it is all made possible by the blending of the two worlds through the physical mediumship of Stewart Alexander.

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Home Circle 2011I was born deaf and my parents were not aware of my disability at first because back in the early 1950s, doctors and nurses did not test a baby's hearing like they do now. Because I could not hear the spoken word, I was unable to talk properly, and as a child I had to have extensive speech therapy. .....

I was frequently sent to hearing aid technicians along with ear, nose and throat consultants (including a professor). I even had my tonsils and adenoids removed in the hope that this might help cure my deafness, which of course it didn't. After all that, at the age of seven, I did end up at a school for the deaf and dumb recommended by my speech therapist. Fortunately, as technology advanced, it became clear that deaf children were not dumb; they simply couldn't hear the words to talk. Much of our educational time in school was spent on speech lessons and this is why I can now speak very well. Because I can talk normally, people do not realise how deaf I am. I have to rely on the most powerful range of hearing aids and even with them, I find it hard to follow the flow of a group conversation. The delayed response in receiving the spoken word limits my ability to participate.

So, the very thought of sitting in the dark was a hurdle I was sure I could not overcome – I would not be able to lip–read, see any facial expressions, or look out for gestures. Goodness me, how on earth could a severely deaf person (even with hearing aids) participate under such conditions?

No – going to a séance was a definite impossibility and I totally dismissed the idea as completely out of the question.

But in January 1999 when I finally plucked up the courage to speak to Ray Lister, Stewart's home circle leader. I explained my situation, telling him that I wasn't sure how I could cope in the dark. Ray booked me in for the 8th July that year and told me not to worry because he would sit next to me and would interpret anything I failed to hear. .....

Walter StinsonI came away from that séance feeling wonderfully elated, to have actually experienced the physical phenomena Ena and Bob had so often talked about. I also felt very privileged to have been physically touched by Walter's hand; to be touched by a soul from the spirit world. .....

Publisher's note
Twenty years later she has had the most amazing experiences, and as she is an artist, she has been able to portray the things she witnessed as no photographs were permitted within the circle. (I too have witnessed many of these phenomena during my sittings with the circle. AH.)

Katie sits at 'Walter's' table

Katie at table with StewartWalter, another member of the spirit team, who is responsible for producing all the physical phenomena, was the next to speak and asked for the table to be moved up to the medium's knees. He then asked me to sit up to the table facing the medium. I couldn't see in the dark and Ray had to lead me up to the table and he brought my chair up to me. There was a red light shining through the table-top and Walter asked for the intensity of the light to be lowered.

I then saw what looked like some kind of thick paste or a kind of mist rolling on to the table – it was the ectoplasm – some of it was transparent. I was asked to place my right hand, palm down, onto the table and keep it there perfectly still. I felt very privileged to witness this ectoplasm, and when it stopped rolling towards my hand, I saw one finger form out of this somewhat transparent substance, then a thumb appeared and another finger, until there was a fully materialised hand on the table. It was Walter's hand and it moved until it was above my hand and then it touched my fingers and stroked the back of my hand and fingers. I expected the ectoplasm to be wet, cold and slimy, but to my surprise it wasn't, it felt like a real hand, it certainly looked like a real hand, and it felt warm, but solid to the touch – it was definitely a real 'human' hand.

Chapter 16 - Christmas Tree Séance (the ending)

Section 34 sound track

..... (After 2 seconds of silence there is a loud thump which makes people jump and then there is a dragging sound.)
R. Sounds like they are moving the chair.  (another louder thump / crash.)
R. Yes, again.    (Stewart starts to cough, having come out of trance.)
R. & J. All right, Stewart?
Stewart. Was it OK?
R. Yes, Well it was…       Brigitte. Yes, sort of...
(And there are many other comments and laughter in the midst of which is another heavy thump, presumably of the chair, followed by another.)
R. We’re still carrying on, Stewart.
Stewart is levitatedS. Yes. I can feel my chair’s rocking all over.       R. Is it?
(The bangs increase in rapidity.)       J. Is it? Yes is, isn’t it.
(The banging continues as the chair is rocked about and people speak and laugh.)
S. (resignedly) Oh, my god!       (Everyone laughs loudly.)
J. Are you feeling seasick, Stewart?
Lady’s Voice. Are they bouncing him then?
R. I don’t know what they are doing with him.
S. I’m up in the air.       J. Ooo! He’s up in the air!
(laughter and shrieks of amazement)
J.  Can you see his knee tabs, look? Do you see them? (more and more laughter)
J. Did you see his knee tabs?
(more indecipherable comments and there is one more loud thump as the chair is brought down to the floor)
J. Are you all right, Stewart?
S. I really.. hate ...that!       (more and more laughter)
( sketch of Stewart levitated can be used for this)

(end of section 34)

After Stewart was safely lowered to the ground, it was time for the spirit people to make their farewells, wishing us all the best for Christmas and the New Year. White Feather and Ray, our circle leader, closed the séance and when the lights were switched on, everybody was surprised to find Stewart, (still tied to his chair) in the centre of the circle, .....

Chapter 18   The Perfect Stranger (extract)

In this extract there are parts of  the ‘communication’ as laid out in the book. The Section numbers are those of the tracks to be found on line.

On February 2nd 2010, Freda spoke the about my series of books, the original trilogy, and asked that her words be recorded for the publication. .....

Section 37
Seance roomFreda talks about connections, the two teams, and working together.
Home Circle – 2nd February 2010. (8min. 43secs).

One never knows what to expect in life. I marvelled at Freda’s comments as she explained how Annette, (a perfect stranger) was a connecting link and how we all have a role to play in the scheme of things. listen to what she has to say in this section.

Freda. (shouting). now, Katie dear, can you hear?
Katie. I can hear you, Freda.
F. I’m shouting so loud – but you see there really is no necessity because Dr Barnett always arranges for Katie to be able to hear. Well, it is so important that she should do so, but you see I cannot rid myself of the habit, Katie, that whenever I speak to you, for some reason, I find myself shouting.
K. everybody does that.
F. Of course. It’s understandable. It’s understandable. now we understand, Katie dear, that you are well on with the final part of your trilogy. (K. I am indeed, yes.) – yes I know. We are very grateful for all the hard work that you have invested into it, dear and we are very pleased with what you have done so far. as we have often said Katie it is a lasting legacy. It is something for you to leave behind, something that in the years ahead long after you have all left the earthly realm will be read by future generations of interested people. That’s a wonderful thought isn’t it? (K. It is a wonderful thought.) – We’ve done our best to inspire you at all times and we know that it has been extremely difficult for you on occasions, but we have done our best to inspire you and we are very pleased with the results. And just remind yourself of this, and perhaps you do not, … perhaps it does not really occur to you too often, but just remind yourself from time to time, that it was because of your work, Katie, that the connection was made between Gaynor, between Stewart, between the lady in America, Annette, and between the circle, for she was a directing force behind this. You supplied the means and the means were seized upon... (K. Thank you.) – by Raymond, by Stewart and then by Annette and that is a very nice thought indeed. (K. It is indeed.) – had you not have written those books, Katie, then the connection, I daresay, would never have been met, it would never have been realised, so you have much … we have much to be grateful to you for. ......

Chapter 26  - Freda uses the Telephone

Stewart AlexanderAlf and June Winchester have been friends of Stewart’s for more than 30 years and have organised the ‘Stewart Alexander and Friends’ bi-annual seminars at Cober Hill for 18 years. Although they live in Norfolk (about 151 miles or 243 km from Hull), they remain in close contact with not only the Alexander Home Circle, but with the spirit team as well.

As Alf and June are too far away to attend the weekly home circle in Hull, the spirit team (especially Freda) would often ask Raymondo to record and pass on messages to them, and June has some interesting spirit connections to report.

One day, in the circle, it was suggested that they try an experiment. The circle wondered if it would be possible for Freda to speak through Stewart in trance and talk directly to June via the telephone. A phone would be placed just outside the door of the séance room. When the time came for Freda to talk to June, Stewart would remain in trance while a member of the circle would bring the telephone inside and dial the Norfolk number. June would be on standby to pick up her receiver.

The experiment was successful. With the telephone on speaker mode, the circle was able to listen to June and Freda talking to each other, as in a normal phone-call.  This is what June had to say about the experience:

Speaking directly with Freda over the telephone is no different from speaking with a close friend, and she seems excited to be able to chat. I always feel so happy to hear her voice. She phoned on one occasion to thank me for asking Stewart to give a special trance demonstration at one of our seminars ….”

Chapter 28   -Touching the Next Horizon

Even if you do not get the chance to encounter such phenomena this need not stop you from conducting your own search for evidence of life after death.  There are numerous spiritual paths to walk, some with different views which might appeal to some people.  Always remember that the patience and harmony of an open mind is the key to a successful connection, …..

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