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In Search of Serenity : a collection of poems, prayers and other Spirit teachings

The Sunshine of My Life

An extended reprint of a popular book of Spirit Teachings by Sunshine, a guide and teacher of deep-trance medium George Fairbairn.

The Sunshine of My Life by Denzil Fairbairn

The Sunshine of My Life

By Denzil Fairbairn

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An extended reprint of a popular book of Spirit Teachings by Sunshine, a guide and teacher of deep-trance medium George Fairbairn. These describe what he knows of the world beyond death, the life there and the pattern for our life here. The medium could recall nothing of what was said when in trance so many of the sessions were recorded. Now, after 40-50 years, only a few of the tapes exist and his son has painstakingly transcribed Sunshine’s teachings and recently been able to also add pieces from the Healing Guide, Mahanka on healing in great detail followed by Questions from the sitters and a second short talk on UFOs and Time travel as discussed in the Spirit world.  Poems written by the medium, with inspiration from his spirit team, are also included along with clairvoyantly observed drawings of four of his Spirit team. Here is much food for thought and wise teachings wherever you are on the Spiritual Journey.

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  • Paperback: 78 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (27th May 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908421388
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From the book...

Many of you may have only recently discovered a belief in, or acceptance of life away from the physical body with which we are all burdened. Many of you may have been fortunate enough to have been aware and to have had a strong faith in the Spirit world for many years. Mine is, if you like, more of a rediscovery, a new understanding of this truth, which has been rekindled in me over the last few years or so.

George FairbairnI was brought up with the delights of having a father who was a trance medium. Although not a famous or even a particularly well known medium, except to the congregations of a small group of Spiritualist churches where he regularly took Sunday service, the work carried out through him, by Spirit, was indeed of the highest order. During the earlier years of my childhood, up until I reached the age of twelve or thirteen, it seemed that both my Father and Spirit were resting. A mutually accepted rest period which provided the opportunity for dad to have a family and a life without any disruption. My mother always said, however, that Spirit never really stopped their work. The quality of control and the deepness of trance, which was now apparent, was obviously a result of the development work which had continued to take place during fathers sleep state, through those quieter years. It was a wonderful experience to be brought up in those circumstances, I felt and deep down I knew that I was really too young then to take in, let alone appreciate, all the wonderful Knowledge that Spirit was continuance because I was there in the middle of it all, I had proof every day. It was all so natural to me. I realise now that it was a blinkered acceptance, it was just like day and night, it was always there, therefore it must always have been so. Although I feel deeply honoured to have had such an upbringing, I have to confess that much of what was given to me by Spirit at that time just went in one ear and out of the other and was rarely given a second thought.

My father, George Fairbairn, was born in March 1920, into a family eventually totalling ten brothers and sisters. ….. Father was introduced into Spiritualism shortly after marrying his wife Joan, in 1947. Mother’s family, which hailed from South Wales, already had a long tradition of communication and development work with the spirit world. In fact, it was in this family circle that some ten years or so earlier, the conditions were right to enable the development of a renowned physical medium to take place, that of Jack Webber. He had also married into my mother’s family.

My Father reluctantly took part in these family circles to begin with, in the belief that he was sitting to help other members of the family in their development of mediumship. It wasn’t too long before father’s own mediumship was to commence in its own right and I hasten to add, with not one iota of reluctance from him, just an open heart. Gradually controls were attracted to and attached themselves to him, and soon his band of guides had begun to form. They were all to play their own equally important parts in the variety of work which was to become my father’s life. ….

Lau HooThe guide who looked after the clairvoyance part of the service was a venerable Chinese gentleman whose name was Lau-Hoo, and as far as I can recall he was always accurate and managed to get the message across to the recipient.

Last but certainly not least, was a gentle guide, Sunshine who gave us philosophy of a higher order. He was responsible for the many wonderful addresses given to the capacity filled churches and at the privately held seminars that he was asked to attend.

As previously mentioned, I was too young to appreciate the knowledge that was brought down to us by Sunshine during my earlier years. Thankfully though several of Sunshine’s addresses were tape-recorded for my father to listen to because he was never fully aware of what was being said or happening whilst he was in trance. I was lucky enough to obtain copies of these recordings from my mother and through listening to these addresses, on numerous occasions, I have come to realise much of the golden knowledge which is contained within his works. It is through his words that I have rediscovered and enhanced my belief in the continuance of life from this mortal coil into the world of spirit. I have no strong religious beliefs in the orthodox sense of the word, but I do have a quiet, unshakeable faith in spirit, which has been confirmed to me and my family time and time again. ….

Hopefully, these passages that follow will at least give you food for thought, but I am sure that you will receive so much more.

MEDITATION (Inspired by Spirit)

In the stillness of a quiet hour
We ask thee for sufficient power
To spiral from this Earthly Plane
That we might in knowledge gain
From those who are in higher thought
So we might gain from what is taught
To understand the ways of Love
Sent down to us from up above
To feel the presence of those so dear
And the loved ones that draw near
To feel the touch of a childlike hand
To be encircled by a Band
A Band made up from every Nation
That brings to us the radiation
Of the Love their nearness brings
That helps us dwell on Heavenly things
Like a pool of Spirituality
And learning the lesson of Humility
Humility that gives the Soul elation
Needed in this hour of meditation.

Life in Spirit (extract)

The spirit world has no geographical position.  It is here and now and all around and about you. If you could see with your psychic eye you would find that your loved ones, who are in spirit, have come to stand beside you. There are also guides and controls all about you who are just as interested in you and what you believe in as what they believe. Now in the first instance you are of God because you are born in his image and created in his image. So first and foremost, you are of spirit, but you are spirit that is incarnate in a physical body. You are all aware of this I am sure, but first of all the spirit has to enter into the body and this is done by the process of birth. The seed is formed and then the embryo begins to grow, and it becomes a foetus. Then the child quickens within the mother’s womb and so the spirit enters. Then the child comes from the mother’s womb and is born.

Now being born is a wonderous time for everyone concerned. It brings an awareness of spirit because when one looks upon the face of new-born child, they would be lying if they said they felt nothing. It is a spiritual moment because you are looking on the face of a new-born spirit. This can be likened to arriving in the first plane of thought in the spirit world. You go there after passing from your physical body at the moment of your earth death. You enter the spirit world and just like as a child, there is wonderment at what you find. And as you grow up as a child, you would be inquisitive, you ask questions. It would be the same as you would be doing in the spirit world, you would be looking around, asking questions and finding out things. This would take you from one plane of thought to another. And as you grow up on the earth-plane, so you would grow up in spirit and there would be more understanding and knowledge. Then when you reach the third phase or the third plane of thought in your earth life, so you would reach the third plane of thought or third sphere in your spirit life. It is all a matter of growing up. It is just a simple matter of awareness and of spirituality. Then when you reach manhood you have sorted out your life as to what you want to do. The same applies in spirit because you have accumulated knowledge and you will be set on a path of regression or digression. This would follow you through your spirit life, as it would follow you through your physical life. So, you can see there are no stepping-stones, just a gradual continuation of life and that is what it is like in the spirit world.

You need not pass into spirit with a feeling of fear, when you pass into spirit you find that you will maintain the same conditions that pertained when you left. When you pass to spirit through an illness, you will find that when you enter into spirit that you will still be ill and you will have spirit doctors and spirit nurses who would bring you through your illness just like the doctors and nurses would on the earth-plane. There would be a period of convalescence. There is nothing that God would place upon you such as fear…..

The Seven Spheres (extract)

….. The following is just a short resumé of this condition in spirit. If I were to tell you of the various spheres of thought that I have passed through, then I would never finish describing all that happens. All the wonderful knowledge and marvellous things that lay in store for you. You do not pass into the third sphere of thought until the acceptance that you are spirit and the will to unfold are with you. Within this third sphere you may have great teachers who will come to you from time to time. There may be some latent desire that you have had to complete some work, be it a writing, music, or even to build a house. These things that you wished to complete in your earthly life may now be accomplished here in the third sphere. The teachers that come to you, come from the sixth sphere of thought, down through the ether, sacrificing much as they draw nearer to your earth-plane, but unerringly doing so. These spirit people are ones who are souls of tenderness in hope of humility. They are willing to come down through the ether to this third plane of thought to unfold to you the wonders that lay in store for you.

From the third sphere, once the acceptance and the knowledge that you are going to unfold to the utmost of your aspirations is with you, then you travel into the fourth sphere of thought. Now on this plane of thought comes a big decision and the height of spirituality you have achieved up to this time plays a big part. You may either come back to this earth-plane as a helper, a control, a communicant or you may travel further onwards and ever upwards to reach the ultimate. This fourth plane of thought is where most of the guides and controls come from. You have a free will, even in spirit. God has not suddenly decided that it will be taken away from you. The free will that was given to you at birth carries on right through your earth lifespan and your Spiritual lifespan. Even though God would love you to do his will, he wants you to do it of your own free will. So, you see you can become a working guide, giving help to those loved ones that are travelling from the earth-plane to the world of spirit. Help them to understand in the same way as you have been helped. This does not stop you from progressing, because if you decide that you would like to work through an instrument on the earth-plane, from the fourth plane of thought, you will sacrifice much by becoming closer to the Earth, but you will not be sacrificing anything of your progression. Once a medium passes into the world of spirit then your job will be done. Unless of course you decide to take on further work, you would then automatically earn the right to be transferred through the spheres to the fifth plane of thought.

SunshineNow this fifth plane of thought is where I, Sunshine, come from, right on the edge, on the very beginning of this plane of thought. This is where most of the teachers come from, who travel to your earth-plane from time to time, to pass on to you the knowledge that they hold. To give you more understanding. To help you to pattern your lives like a spiritual flower that will unfold. And so greater knowledge is given to them as they reach higher into the fifth sphere of thought. Much knowledge is sent down through the ether, and the higher you spiral the more knowledge, the more philosophy there is to be unfolded, not only to the loved ones on the earth-plane but also to those in the lower realms of spirit.

There are also great halls of learning and beautiful souls that teach us. …..

Mahanka on Healing

Mahanka……you will find that these points appertain to various glands within the human body and the glands are essential for physical life. Not only for procreative life, such as the prostate and the ovaries, but also for life-giving blood which is work the glands of the body perform. Of course, in most cases the glands take substances from the blood and produce Enzymes which have a particular job to do within the physical body.
Spirit healing, you will find, is mainly concerned with these glands and these are in the same area where the acupuncturist or the person that uses Prahmar, will go to, in order to carry out their healing work. That is to the Pancreas, to the Thyroid glands, the Pituitary, the Adrenal glands, the Lymphatic glands, the Ovaries and the Prostate gland. These are the KEY centres of the physical body. It doesn’t matter how you heal, as long as the person who is going to be healed receives the benefit. You will find that it is possible to heal even through autosuggestion, that is verbal healing. Even through hypnotism which is a way in which autosuggestion is carried out. It does not matter how a person is healed as long as they do receive some benefit from it.

What I have to tell you now is essential because I feel that all people are potential healers. We all have this energy inherent within us, each and every one of us. I know that you have had other speakers, speaking to you through this medium, who have said this before – that when a case of doubt arises in the mind then who are we to look to, if we cannot find the answer within ourselves. And they have also told you that first and foremost, that you are of spirit. There is the physical body, there is the spiritual body and there is the mind. The mind that is needed to carry [you through] this span of life, that the physical body has to traverse. And for one who has doubts in their mind then there is no healing forthcoming, because if one has doubt then that is not harmony. Where there is disharmony you will find that it is not conducive to good healing or good anything else. …..

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