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The Mediumship of Arnold Clare by Harry Edwards

The Mediumship of Arnold Clare

This reprint covers detailed explanations by the Spirit Guide, Peter, of how the phenomena are produced by them and a discussion of Birth, Death and Survival of the Human spirit – Spiritualisation of Mankind.

The Mediumship of Arnold Clare by Harry Edwards

The Mediumship of Arnold Clare

By Harry Edwards

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This reprint of the 1942 book is more than a description of very rare phenomena through a physical medium. It also covers detailed explanations by the Spirit Guide, Peter, of how the phenomena are produced by them and a discussion of Birth, Death and Survival of the Human spirit – the motivating purpose of their contact – Spiritualisation of Mankind.

In the 170 years since those who had 'gone before' tried to attract our attention to the fact that they were 'living on', there have been many reports of the amazing phenomena occurring through Physical Mediums and wonderful communications from evolved spirits through Trance Mediums. This book is no exception, but it is more than just an account of the wonders that Spirit are able to perform when dedicated people will give their time.

Divided into three parts, this book covers the phenomena, including materialisation, witnessed through the mediumship of Arnold Clare and then, in Part 2, the author goes on to discuss with the spirit communicator as to how they are able to achieve what they do. We learn of the 'Ether' in which we live and how it can be manipulated; of other levels of existence; of how—now our knowledge of radio transmissions, atoms, protons etc. has progressed—they are able to better explain their work. But in the 1940s there were still things they could not explain.  Would this still be the case in 2019, when we think we know a little more through Quantum Physics?

Written 77 years ago, this is still a book for today, for so many are still immersed in the material life that the message begun 2000 years ago is ignored. In Part 3 Peter tells us, together with descriptions of our Birth and Transition, that they do not come to destroy the Christian church's original message but to get the people to live in "Brotherhood"—for he says " 'All life is one unity', therefore I am of your life. Your life is my life; and so long as there is one member of the whole body that aches or suffers, the whole body suffers with it."

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Extract from the Foreword by Harry Edwards

Harry EdwardsAs enemy action on London intensified, the physical séances ceased and in the autumn of 1940 were replaced by discussion circles. The first few circles took place in the author's house before a company of about twenty people. It was soon appreciated that the intelligence (known as Peter), speaking through the entranced medium, was of a high order and worthy of reporting. So these large discussion groups gave way to a small circle held in the medium's house, attended by Mr and Mrs Clare, Mr and Mrs Hart, Mrs Edwards and the author, an occasional visitor and with Mrs W.B. Cleveland as stenographer.

The procedure at these circles would be that in normal white light Mr Clare would enter into a trance state. His Guide, Peter, taking control, would discourse upon the selected topic answering all questions fluently and without hesitation.

Frequently, during these sittings, the air-raid sirens would be heard and the local anti-aircraft guns would be in action. At such times Peter would be asked if he wished to withdraw; and invariably he would reply, "No, it is not necessary, there is no imminent danger to you." Not on any occasion was the work interfered with; and Peter would continue to talk and answer questions without concern, in spite of the drone of enemy aeroplanes, the noise of gunfire, the bursting of shells and falling shrapnel. It may be said that no other work dealing with an involved subject of this this nature has ever been compiled under such unusual conditions.

It is difficult to conceive a normal mind giving forth an uninterrupted smooth flow of wisdom upon (at times) involved and sometimes technical matters, without being disturbed by the external threat of imminent danger. …

The purposes of this book are threefold, and it has been divided into three parts.

The first section presents a brief history of the mediumship to date, personal notes and the records of the phenomena produced through the mediumship. The second section is devoted to Peter’s explanations of the manner in which phenomena are produced, the nature of the forces employed and the mechanics of the operations.

An effort has been made to relate authenticated records of phenomena, through mediumships past and present, to the explanations.

The third section indicates an avenue of philosophy for the governing of human conduct towards a more enlightened and spiritual outlook on life. The basis of this philosophy is the demonstration of the truth of individual survival of the ego after the physical body has been discarded. This last section is the most important; for without it the first two are purposeless. The spiritualisation of mankind has ever been the aim of the realm spiritual. To those who ask "What is the purpose of a levitation or a materialization?" here is the answer. …

One of the criticisms I anticipate is that the records in Part I are not corroborated by more independent testimony—that they are my own narration and those of friends associated with the medium.

This weakness was early anticipated, and arrangements were in being for independent people of note to be invited to séances to record their experiences. The report by Mr Colin Evans was the first of these.

Unfortunately, war conditions prevented the continuance of physical work. In this connection I may say that Mr Clare is engaged upon highly technical work for the Admiralty; and his duties often keep him away from home for varying periods. This strain and the uncertainty of his free hours were also contributory factors to the cessation of physical séance work, for it will be appreciated by all knowledgeable persons how essential for successful issue are regular sittings.

Perfume scattered from a jug

From September 1939 to January 1940 only four circles were held. Two of these were held in my house, and it was quite obvious from the commencement of the first circle that the rest period had produced no adverse effect upon the phenomena. In fact, the first of these circles was one of the finest demonstrations of physical phenomena that I have witnessed.

There were only four of us: Mr and Mrs Clare, and Mrs Harrison and myself. We sat in a semi-circle around the fireplace, almost touching one another, and in the small confines of this space all the following took place: levitation of three trumpets at once; a sewing machine in the corner of the room moved into the circle, unlocked itself, the handle turning continuously for some minutes; oranges were taken off the sideboard and put in the writer's jacket pocket, one each side; a clock and two photographs were taken from the mantelpiece and transferred noiselessly to a table the far side of the room.

A child Guide who announced himself as "Little Peter" spoke through the trumpet for the first time and amused us with his chatter.

He seemed to be able to speak quite clearly and easily, and the childish intonation was particularly noticeable. This was really the first time I had heard a voice through the trumpet in this circle. Formations of ectoplasmic substance which assumed various shapes were shown us.

The "rushing winds" reminiscent of the Pentecostal séance recorded in the Bible were much in evidence this night, and there were a number of apports.

One of these latter, a small Eastern jug-shaped object, was given to me. I held it for a few minutes and was told by the Guide to put it back in the trumpet. On doing so it disappeared. A little time later it was returned to me filled with a most exquisite perfume.

Perfume had always been splashed about in small amounts in previous circles, but this was the first time I had seen any considerable quantity.

Jack Webber materialises

The foregoing statement, signed by ten people who knew Jack Webber well, provides yet further outstanding evidence of survival. All the signatories knew Jack Webber intimately and included Mrs Webber, Mr and Mrs Harry Edwards, six members of the late medium's developing circle and three other friends of the Balham Psychic Society.

The séance was held by the Balham Psychic Research Society through the mediumship of Mr Arnold Clare on Saturday, July 20, 1940.

The plaque used by Mr Clare in his mediumship work is of large area and is so brilliantly lit that it will illuminate an object four feet away; this plaque was held directly under the chins of the materialised spirit-people; and, as may be gathered, the faces could be seen distinctly. …

Jack Webber was the second form to appear. He first showed himself to the sitters on one side of the circle only (i.e. to Mrs Clare, Mr Harrison (President of the Balham Psychic Society), Mrs Layton and Mrs Webber, in order of seating). This first appearance was for only a few seconds' duration, and while each person recognised the medium, not a word was said, for each felt "almost afraid to speak"—as one sitter said. The plaque fell, and a little more time was taken for Jack to build up more strongly. As the plaque rose for the second appearance, Jack showed himself to the other side of the circle (i.e. Mrs Harrison, myself, Mrs Edwards, Mr Stanley Croft).

This time the form remained for nearly two minutes; and the head came within six inches of our faces. Remember, nothing had been said as to who the visitor was. As I saw the face, I recognised Jack; I did not speak at first. I looked again, studying the features well; and only then, after I had coldly and calmly assured myself beyond all doubt that it was Jack, did I acclaim him by name. I said, "It is Jack, most definitely."

The writer noted that the illuminated surface was sufficiently bright to light up the sitters' faces as well as that of Jack; this is indicative of the strength of the light radiation, so strong that the positive statement made in the foregoing declaration can be made with absolute assurance. With this second appearance, the ectoplasmic cowling had receded back over the head, showing Jack's characteristic straight hair brushed well back. (Mr Clare's hair is shortish and rather unruly, and his eyebrows are dark and pronounced, whilst those of the visitor were very light as in his physical life.) Jack went from our side of the circle to the opposite side and spoke a few words, the tonal qualities of his voice being clearly recognisable. …. An ectoplasmic "cable" was seen connecting back from the manifestation towards the medium.

I have seen many materialisations, but never before have I seen one so plainly. So much so, that I am prepared to swear by all that I hold sacred that it was our friend Jack who stood before us! …

A Flying Gramophone

A more definite form of control of the plaque was seen when a small perfectly formed hand shrouded in ectoplasm held one edge of the plaque. The fingers were not talon or skeleton-like, but fully formed as human fingers. The medium has large hands, with pointed fingers, while the hand we saw was much smaller, with plump fingers and blunt ends. These fingers were plumper and shorter than those of the ordinary human hand.

The séance ended with the gramophone being taken around the circle; at times, levitated high in the air, playing all the time—the needle never slipped. It was wound up, and the sound-box replaced accurately at the commencement of the record. The table on which it had stood next rose in the air and passed around the circle gently, touching each sitter. This came to rest in the centre of the circle with the gramophone placed on top; the mechanism was switched off; the sound-box turned over to its rest and the case was closed and fastened.

When the light was switched on, the medium in his chair was seen to have moved forward about three feet from his corner and was close to the table. During these movements not even the slightest sound was heard within the circle that could be attributed to either the movement of the gramophone, the table, or the medium in his chair.

Spirit's discussion on Guides and Controls

Spirit Guide PaulWith all mediums there is another common factor; and that is the “personality” who makes himself known through speech, via the medium or by means of the “independent voice”. This personality is in command of the medium and the proceedings at a séance. We have Walter with Margery, Black Cloud with Jack Webber, Peter and John with Arnold Clare; and so on with every medium. …

These Guides are not vague abstract personalities, they are known by names, tell you of themselves, their nationality, the work they were engaged upon when on the earth; and at times have provided evidence to prove their earthly existences.

It is not of great importance, however, whether the controlling genius possessed a white or a red skin during his earth life. The salient fact is that these personalities must be in a condition of active existence. To prove that, they carry out their work amongst us.

There is another aspect that may well be recorded. When one … has come into frequent touch with the Guide, he becomes much more than a “personality” or the “voice” through the medium. One learns to know him, and he becomes a close personal friend, almost as “one of the family”; and very “human”. …

Peter has told us that the Guide has the responsibility of creating the “conditions” in which the controls can present, the phenomena. The Guide in control does not produce an act of levitation, apportation, or any other of the acts performed. It is as if he were in charge of the power and the power switch. When the Guide has built up the necessary conditions at the séance, it is the individual controls who carry out the jobs of work.

Spirit's discussion on Ectoplasm

Unorganised ectoplasmAccording to Peter, ectoplasm of a refined type is not reabsorbed by the Psychic's physical organism but disintegrates back into 'the ether from whence it comes.' This process of dissemination is both logical and practical, for when one considers the wide expanses of physically constructed ectoplasm, as shown both by description and by photographs, to assume that this volume of physical matter re-enters the throat or other orifices or sources of emergence, is far more improbable than the reasoning of Peter.

Length of ectoplasm We know how materialised forms disseminate into "space" through observation of the manner of their disappearance; and therefore the dissemination of certain forms of ectoplasm follows the same process. …

In the past scientists confronted with a phenomenon they could not account for by their previous knowledge have either discounted the act or have taken refuge in building up an argument to account for the act by fraud. Within the last two years an eminent researcher, whose name is regarded in certain national quarters as being a leading authority on physical phenomena, endeavoured to explain the process by regurgitation. That is the medium, prior to sitting, swallowed many yards of cheesecloth, regurgitated it during the séance, displayed it for fraudulent purpose, and then swallowed it again, the process being repeated, as the medium required. This is typical of the wilfully crass ignorance the Spiritualist movement has to encounter; and the incredible thing is, that some people prefer to accept such an absurdity rather than a simple and tenable explanation. ….

Spirit Guide on Birth

… "You will ask, why does the spirit have choice of parentage? The answer is that in such manner it is enabled to choose the correct environment in which to function and to provide the necessary experience for its own development.

"We are not now considering the earthward travel of the spirit through its many planes of earlier existence but only its last phase, that of physical birth.

"The spirit itself stands apart from the actual development of the form it will subsequently activate.

"The soul has complete control in the formation and the development of the child within its mother's womb . . . the building from the materials provided by the first act . . . moulding and forming according to its own wisdom, begotten by long experience.

"When it has attained a certain degree of development, a more positive association between the soul and body commences. That is the period termed the 'quickening'. A further period of development from close association with the body takes place before the child is born.

"During the time of the first period the soul of the child is closely linked to that of the mother. That is why changes in her outlook, tastes and, oft-times, temperament are so noticeable; for it is through the soul body of the mother that the soul works until a period of four and a half months has elapsed. It then has a little soul. It is full of wisdom, as it is today. …

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