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Is there anybody there?

Is There Anybody There?

Bryan Gibson provides an insight into the highs and lows of a medium’s work and day to day life. We meet various characters from different backgrounds, both on earth and from spirit

Is there anybody there?

Is There Anybody There?

By Bryan Gibson

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Bryan Gibson has spent most of his life working with people in careers at totally opposite ends of the scale. Starting out as a Staff Nurse, helping and caring for people, he moved on to become an actor and model, helping to entertain them.
Then in 1986 he was introduced to Spiritualism, and another career change! However, the experiences of those other jobs have moulded Bryan into a medium who is equally at home delivering an emotional and personal message during a private sitting, or striding across a stage or Church platform to share his gift with an audience.
This is an updated reprint of his fourth book with new material, and contained within its pages is an insight into the highs and lows of a medium’s work and day to day life. We meet various characters from different backgrounds, both on earth and from spirit, as Bryan and the families concerned share with us the details of private sittings and the messages conveyed from their loved ones. We learn that laughter and humour play a very important role in Bryan’s work with Spirit, as we read about some of the funnier moments.
He also deals with some more serious experiences which have taught him valuable lessons and shaped his life and work as a medium. In the twenty-six years since he was introduced to his guide Running Foot, and to mediumship, he has earned a reputation as a medium of extremely high calibre and integrity who has reunited more than 30,000 people with their loved ones in Spirit.

“Is there anybody there?” you ask. Most definitely, ‘Yes.’

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Short extracts from Chapter Four

Grandmothers, when communicating from spirit, can be not only loving, but also very funny. One night when I was working alongside John, who is a psychic artist, we found ourselves linking with the grandmother of a young lady in the audience. I was relaying clairvoyance related to the pictures John was drawing and, as he drew a portrait, the young lady in question recognised it as her grandmother who told John that she had false teeth but didn’t want the picture to show her wearing them. the audience was amused by this, but even more by what followed. The old lady wanted me to ask her granddaughter about a budgie, and I asked if Grandma had had one. “Not really,” said her granddaughter, “I had promised to get her one but never got around to it.” To a gale of laughter, the old lady replied, “Tell her not to bother now; I have plenty up here to pick from and whatever colour I like!” As you can see, this special lady was just as sharp in spirit as she was on the earth-plane, and made sure that she had the last word on the subject.

Sometimes our amusement is mixed with sadness, but it does not spoil the hilarity of funny situations. At one time I received a lovely letter from a very elderly lady in the town where I live. She had read a book of mine and asked whether, as she was housebound, I would be willing to visit her at home to give her a sitting. It was obvious from the way she used the telephone that she was very deaf, but we managed to understand each other and I agreed to call on her. As she lived on her own, I was instructed to open the porch door; take out a key from the sideboard drawer and proceed to the very top of the house. The very large, three-storey house had obviously been elegant in its day but had not for a long time received the attention it needed and, as I went to meet her, I wondered what to expect, passing on the way antique furniture which had once been beautiful.

Cartoon by Terence CarterOn entering the room, there sat the elderly lady in an armchair, completely surrounded by tables and chairs piled high with old newspapers, magazines and old plants. I introduced myself and explained to her how I worked. I then began to communicate with her husband and family in spirit. I had no sooner started than she said, “Wait a minute; I can’t hear very clearly,” and proceeded to pull out from beside her chair a home-made hearing aid consisting of two plastic Funnels and a piece of rubber tubing. It was very hard not to start laughing and it must have looked hilarious to anyone watching from spirit as I proceeded to talk through the funnel on one end as she listened through the other, but nonetheless the sitting lasted for over an hour and she was thrilled with it.

It appears that her husband was a well-known dignitary of great standing and it was sad to say this lovely lady, well into her eighties, living alone in the great building with only her daily help to visit her apart from an occasional visit from a nephew. I did visit her once more before she passed peacefully into spirit where she is now reunited with her loved ones.

I felt very sad about this lady being reduced to such a situation and living surrounded by so much paper and neglected antiques, but she was happy there even if all she had left were her happy memories of times long past.

This little story dates from my first visit to Ireland in March 1995. John and I had been invited to serve the Belfast Spiritualist Church during a 10-day visit. It proved to be a beautiful place and the people could not have been more friendly and spiritual. It was a very busy time filled with demonstrations, sittings, a workshop and the Sunday services.

The church was very well attended for our first Sunday evening service with over a hundred people present. We wondered what sort of reception our mediumship would receive, as for most of those present, it was their first experience of our work, but we need not have been concerned; it was a great night.

One incident which stands out in my memory concerned two sisters, one of whom was attending the church for the first time, and who sat apart in the front row of the congregation.

Their mother, who had just passed from cancer, came to talk to them, bringing along with her their father who had left for spirit many years previously at the young age of 42 years. This information was accepted by the daughters, whose parents continued with family memories and so on. As the contact began to draw to an end, however, their mother mentioned that she had a bird in spirit with her. I thought that this was a budgie, which puzzled the sisters who could not place such a bird at all. One of the ladies commented, “I have a cockatoo at home and that’s all right.” So I said, “Well, I don’t know what your mother means, but she insists that she has a bird in spirit with her,” and that was theend of the communication.

Two days later, one of the sisters came to see me for a private sitting and her first words to me were, “You remember you mentioned on Sunday about the bird in spirit. Well, when I got home from the service, the cockatoo was dead!” Her mother was right; it must have arrived in spirit whilst they were in church, so spirit once again was proved to be ‘on the ball’. At least, when her daughter got home and found the bird, she could be certain it was already being looked after by her parents in spirit.

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