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In Search of Serenity : a collection of poems, prayers and other Spirit teachings

In Search of Serenity

Over 50 inspired and inspirational poems, prayers and teachings given from a Higher world for those grieving or trying to find their way to a better understanding of life.

In Search of Serenity : a collection of poems, prayers and other Spirit teachings

In Search of Serenity : a collection of poems, prayers and other Spirit teachings

By Ann Harrison

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This slim volume, illustrated with the author’s own drawings of flowers, contains over 50 inspired and inspirational poems, prayers and teachings given from a Higher world for those grieving or trying to find their way to a better understanding of life. In simple words, these writings received over 25 years of confronting of life, meditation, and contemplation are here to console, challenge and contribute to our well-being and our soul’s growth. Some come from my own soul, others are voices, I know not, but heard clearly within my head. They speak sense and beg to us to listen and make a better way. Enjoy, think and share as you will.

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This collection of teachings have been "Downloaded" from my soul and the Spirit teachers over the last twenty-eight years. Some of them have been seen before in a small private publication but I have been pushed into putting all of them together in this edition to console and stimulate you.

'Enjoy the journey, widen your horizons and see the stars,' are the words given to me in this moment. Life is a challenge  but the rewards are great when you follow your heart.

In thought:  November 7th 2012

cyclamenWhile I contemplate the beauty of my world
I thank God for the gifts of sight and sound.
I see the wild cyclamen at my step,
The winter visitor returning to my table
for his sweet crumbs,
And I thank God for these pleasures.

As I hear the soft notes of a piano
repeating a gentle melody,
I thank God for those who write these notes
And the wizards who devise the systems to play them,
the engineers who make the power for them possible, 

And I thank God for my world
For many do not know these pleasures.
So I take time to sit and thank them
And ask that their pleasures may be as sweet to them
as mine are,
And I thank God.

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  • Paperback: 66 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (13th May 2020)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908421371
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From the book...

In late 1989 when my husband was told he was terminally ill, he said to me "What am I going to do without you?" My reply was "But I'm the one who's has to stay here". Until that moment we hadn't really given a thought to whether or not there was an afterlife nor did we in the following weeks. However, within a month of his 'death' in June 1990, he was back, at Morley Spiritualist church, near Leeds, communicating through a medium from Huddersfield during the tea session after an Open Circle. I still have no idea who this medium was. He was most insistent that the lady to whom the medium was speaking knew his sister. The evidence that followed made her realise that she did. The message that the pain had gone was relayed to his sister, Bess, and when she told me my reaction was "When can I come?". It seemed a perfectly natural response, which is how it should be.

The FIVE weeks I had to wait was an eternity. My visit to Morley church didn't give me contact with him but it whetted my appetite. The following weekend found me at a church in Hull, where I not only met people I already knew, but I felt had come home. The second week, at the end of the service as they announced the speakers for the following weekend, a voice inside my head kept repeating "Pat'll have it." That was one of the mediums coming from Sheffield to take the service the following Saturday. Panic! How could I rearrange family commitments? It was 'managed' and the following Saturday I had the most conclusive evidence and a joyous reunion with my darling man.

Three months later I was invited to sit with the church healing group and that was when my development began and the writing started to flow. I have struggled since young to write even very poor verse but now I would feel impelled to find a pen and the words would pour out. If I interfered they would stop. I would apologise, cross out the bit I had put in, and they would continue. Some of the longer ones came when I would ask for a reading to give in the Sunday evening service, others would come during meditation. I know that it is not great poetry, but I hope that those which helped me express the physical loss I felt will help others. For although we may know that our 'dead' are safe and perhaps we talk on the 'telephone', we still need to grieve – not for them, but for our own loss. The writings mirror, too, my search for answers and a deeper peace of heart and mind.

By the end of 1991 I was persuaded to put some of the pieces into book form. I printed it myself and sold it for church funds. More pieces came and I reworked the original edition adding the later writings and others which I had felt earlier were too personal. I put them all in a larger format with, in some cases, short introductions, plus ink sketches of flowers I love.

As I learned more of Spiritual Awareness and trusted the voice more, not only did poems come in for Sunday Evening services, but other voices gave pieces for guidance. Occasionally they added humorous touches – just to see if I would record it, I suppose.

In 1994-95 my life took a dramatic change, and as I transformed from Ann Ellis into Ann Harrison so too did the voices that I heard and felt for my writings. The gentle feminine voice I had felt for many of the rhyming poems left me and there was a stronger influence.

Now the words that came were often in response to a situation or a word, and at times most unexpected. Sometimes it came as a "consideration" or play on words. Sometimes it was as advice for someone, but always there was depth to the thought in what was given. As there is such a change in “Voice” I have put these later ones in a separate section.

I hope that you enjoy reading and perhaps using them.

 Ann Ellis-Harrison
March 2020.


honeysuckleThe Laws of Physics state
that energy cannot be destroyed –
only changed.
And every atom of our bodies is that
which cannot be destroyed –
only recycled
within the ever-changing universe.
So, when the physical form returns
to the earth from whence it came;
dust to dust, ashes to ashes;
where is the energy that was life,
the uniqueness that was you?
Was it all just for this –
the loving and the learning,
the laughter and the tears,
to be only a memory
on the wind?


Abdul BahaLord of air and earth,
of fire and water,
true elements of your
boundless Love.
From these you formed
the whole world order–
the rock beneath, the bird above.
May the Breath of God be with us
when the gentle breezes blow,
And the fire of transformation
make the heart within us glow.
For our earth is all sustaining
feeding great and small alike,
and the water is your blessing,
flowing as the blood of life.
May we just one of your creations
be mindful of
the wondrous whole
and in our daily thoughts
and actions
make loving care for all
our goal.

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