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Experiences of Physical Phenomena in the 21st Century

The best sittings of 25 years with several dedicated physical mediums, where I have seen and been part of amazing contact and interaction with spirit forms.

Experiences of Physical Phenomena in the 21st Century

Experiences of Physical Phenomena in the 21st Century

Accounts of the best sittings of 25 years with several dedicated physical mediums, where I have seen and been part of amazing contact and interaction with spirit forms.

By Ann E. Harrison

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Here are accounts of the best sittings of 25 years with several dedicated physical mediums, both public and private, where I have seen and been part of amazing contact and interaction with spirit forms, participating in experiments with ectoplasm—touching and being held by ectoplasmic hands in red light. I have known the passage of 'matter-thru-matter', and felt the energy and the presence of materialised forms.

There are experiences of direct voice and many different instances of Independent Direct Voice, with the voices moving around well away from the medium. In Home Circles we had communication through tables and the Ouija board and, with one medium, there were many recognised transfigurations, in red light.

There are reunions with my loved ones in trance communications, and the effects that it had on friends, when their family chatted with them at their first sitting.  I have also included some of the wise teachings we had from several spirit communicators.

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From the book...


... Over the last 29 years I have sat with six physical mediums who demonstrate to larger groups beyond their home (development) circle, at least four other physical mediums in private home circles – one of them being our own home circle., I've witnessed communications – both philosophical and evidential – through at least seven more 'good' trance mediums. Amongst these latter I have not included the mediums from the first two 'physical' groups, as a state of trance is usually essential for the phenomena to take place – but not always.

Leslie Flint the reknowned Direct Voice medium of the 1950-90s is recorded joining in the conversations with the spirit communicating by independent voice. Mrs Perriman in the 1930s was reported as not being in trance during several direct voice sessions. In large group demonstations the spirit team have been known to bring Stewart Alexander out of trance so that he can speak from the cabinet while the trumpet is at a distance from him somewhere across the room. This is so that any sceptical sitters can know he is not out of his chair and waving the trumpet about  – as has been alleged to be so with many mediums across the decades.

However, a deep state of trance is usual for the phenomena to take place. So I invite you to sit back and enjoy my experiences with these amazing dedicated people who give so much of their time for those in spirit to be able to link from the World Beyond in ways that show how close they can be when we give them the opportunity.

My Hand is Kissed (Stewart Alexander's Circle)

Walter For the first part of the sitting quiet, peaceful, music was played quietly, some knockings heard on the window board, wall and radiator (rather loudly). The seat cushion was picked up and held level with Stewart's chest with the light being switched on and off and moved about.  This was a new device with the warning light showing us whether the medium had moved out of his chair. The medium hadn't moved but the spirit team had moved the cushion from under him!! The music was also turned off and on by spirit. Its use was not continued.

Stewart's luminous knee tabs were removed and stuck to the wall either side of the cabinet just beyond the curtains and at one stage the curtains were drawn across in front of Stewart. .... After the tape music had been rewound Walter came through and asked for it to be played louder and for us to 'sing' along to whip up the vibrations.

Ray was asked to move the trumpets out of the circle and place them behind me.

.... Right in front of me and to the side of Ray I heard Walter's voice. He asked me to stand and stretch out my arms. As I did, my hands were held by very large hands, my two hands were put together and held by a left hand. The back of my left hand was tapped firmly and audibly, with another hand. He then bent forward and kissed the back of my hands just below the base of the thumb. The touch was warm, strong and soft and clearly heard as well as felt.

"You may sit down now" – but I already was back in my chair – overwhelmed and wonderstruck – elated.  When I say 'bent forward' I could sense / hear the movement of him.

A New Twist on an Old Experiment (Stewart Alexander's Circle)

One of the experiments that the investigators had set up with "Margery" in the 1920s was a sealed box containing a telegraphing mechanism. Through this Walter had been able to transmit names and short messages.

A keen fan of Stewart's circle had been researching this and came up with the idea of a similar experiment that could be done with the 1990’s technology. He proposed the use of a karaoke machine linked to a microphone in a sealed box. It was anticipated that a spirit voice could speak into the microphone and it be heard, amplified (and recorded) by the karaoke machine.

Walter refused to go back over old ground – there were new avenues to follow, but he did agree we could give it a try by fitting a microphone in a box which had a small opening in the front. Too small for a hand to go in and it was to be placed on the floor, at the cabinet entrance to the left of Stewart, with the microphone lead passing along the wall to the machine on a shelf above Ray.

The work again fell to Tom and me – being retired we had the time to be able to do it. ....

Over the weeks we were aware of faint voices trying to speak to us and then one night in late July '97 at the start of the circle we heard constant tapping coming through the machine and then a growly sound as though someone was trying to speak. Slowly this became clearer and we heard a deep calm voice speaking to us.

"Are you able to hear my words?"

And a short time later "I would be grateful if you would continue to play the music."

Ray adjusted the volume,  "Is that alright for you my friend?"

Voice. That is fine. I say can you hear my voice?

We replied that we could and after a few moments we heard. "Let me hear your voices."

We had been very quiet as we were trying to listen over the music and told him so to which he replied "Only when of course I am not speaking myself". He repeated this more loudly.

June. We understand.

As we listened the voice seemed to be coming from low down beside Stewart and the Voice replied "We are endeavouring to speak into the microphone. Will you try and increase the volume."  ....

Voice. That is much more suitable and tell me can you hear my voice. (Yes, that’s wonderful.) I am speaking thorough voice box that has been created directly within this box into the microphone. I am uncertain how long I can continue to converse with you but I am doing all that is within my power to try and ... (All. You are doing very well – good.) You are all aware that at present we are merely experimenting to see what can be done here (Ray. We do understand.) because from time to time ........ for us to ask for certain modifications to what you have presented us with. (Ray. We shall do our best.) As sir, you always do. (Various circle: It’s good isn’t it.) We had hoped to be able to speak at some length, but the energy is not what we had hoped the circle as you know is not quite complete and it does have an effect on us ...

The Circle at Los Molinos (Rob McLernon medium)

... The following week we had visitors from England for a teaching session and as they were well used to sitting in a dark séance we sat as usual. Rob quickly went into trance and our spirit friends were soon with us.

After several greetings all went quiet and Tom felt the angels present. The atmosphere was very peaceful. I was aware of the rose pink colour again.

Bapu spoke 'Bless you friends.'

All. Bless you / T. Welcome

Bapu. Bapu.

Ann. I thought it was, welcome Bapu.

Bapu. I just wanted to say I am pleased with the work that has been done these last few days. Above all the blending of energies to bring peace.

Tom. Which was your main point. You worked for it.

Ann. I thought you'd be pleased with that.

june walking the LabyrinthBapu. It was true that things had to be constructed over and over and energy put in – mental energy, emotional energy, physical energy.*

Ann. We did that didn't we.

Barbara. We did that!!

Ann. And it was all of us as well.

Bapu. And that was the whole point. Everyone involved in some way.

June. I'm sure it will be much appreciated by those who come to walk that path.

Bapu. Good will come of that path.

Tom. Thank you.

Bapu. For perhaps more people than you can imagine at this time but as always there must be progression. I speak only briefly so I will say thank you and speak to you another time.

* Here Bapu was referring to the construction of a "Labyrinth" as a tool for meditation and prayer. As soon as I saw the space that they had in their "garden" I wanted to make a Labyrinth – having learned about them in 1993 at a Dowsing conference in York (England). This was the perfect place. Rob and Barbara and I had worked hard and long under the heat of the Spanish sun to complete it in time for our first paying students. It was well worth it, and it was well used.

Tiptology – Table turning and Communication

One evening we took a new friend of ours to a Noah's Ark sitting at a community hall near Rotherham in Yorkshire with Stewart as the medium. It was John's first sitting and not only did the trumpet move very close to him during the sitting but Christopher also brought family contacts for him. As so often happens, his mind went blank and he was unable to place them. Also at the sitting was the medium from our Saturday Circle and when we introduced him to her after the séance she immediately invited us to go home with her.

Having been introduced to the family and a cup of tea enjoyed, the cups were removed from the small card table and following a short opening prayer, we proceeded to show him our link to the spirit world using that same table.

This is Tom's report of the evening:

Report of events, 24th April 1996 at 10.45pm

TiptologyThe green baize topped card table responded to our touch immediately. After much hectic movement in time to our singing it was asked if there was someone there who wanted to give a message – "YES" it rocked (our signals were one rock for 'yes' and stillness for 'no', to save energy ) So Ann did her stuff as Alphabet lady.

"H-A-R-O..." P--- asked if it was Harold "YES"

(What P--- did not know was that at one of Stewart's public sittings for the NAS at Catcliffe near Rotherham earlier that evening where J, Ann, Tom and John had sat, Christopher gave John a "Harold" whom he had known in a 'big building'. John acknowledged the Harold but couldn't think of the big building. Christopher said he kept chickens –Yes, agreed John. Then Christopher asked if E. meant anything to John – he couldn't immediately accept it. As the power was failing so the circle closed.)

Back to the table –

John asked if the building was at the end of a jetty "No". Could you please spell out where the building was H-O-S-P- ... "Hospital? 'YES' it rocked.

John then told us that was where Harold had died (Later travelling home in the car he told us that Harold was his father)

Ann asked "Is there anyone else there?" 'YES'. Ann slowly spelt out the alphabet ... On responding to "E" the table rocked over on to John's knees.

John asked then could it be his daughter, Elizabeth? The table went "bananas" with excitement. (In Stewart's séance John had gone blank about the E but was so pleased now.) ...

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