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A Path Prepared

The story of Isa A. Northage's astounding physical and mental mediumship with a particular emphasis on the wonderful healing work which was carried out through her by the dedicated Spirit Team

A Path Prepared: The Story of Isa Northage

A Path Prepared: The Story of Isa Northage

By Allan MacDonald

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This is a long-awaited reprint of the story of Isa A. Northage's astounding physical and mental mediumship with a particular emphasis on the wonderful healing work which was carried out through her by the dedicated Spirit Team, including surgery by materialised spirit doctors, mainly at the Pinewoods Healing Sanctuary and Church, which were built in the grounds of Newstead Abbey, Nottingham.

The book, first published around 1960, was written and compiled by Allan Macdonald MSF, who says in his introduction: "It is indeed very difficult to try and comply with so many requests from all walks of life for a story covering the varied and outstanding life of such a personality as Isa A. Northage, whose mediumistic abilities, in every phase of phenomena to which her life has been devoted, have also been given to helping those less fortunate souls who were in need of help.

"Her manifold gifts of clairaudience, clairvoyance, direct voice, telekinesis, materialisation, apports, etc., are now carried on in church and sanctuary, both of which she built to give her time to those in need."

Born in the North-east of England in 1898, Isa heard voices from an early age. A wise local Canon, in whom she confided, told her, "You are another Samuel. Treasure your gifts from God, my child. Some day you will make good use of them."

And so it came about. One chapter is given over to reports sent into the Two Worlds' magazine between 1938 and 1941, with other reports throughout the 1950s.

Materialisations were seen in red, blue and some in white light; parents were able to talk to and play with their young children who had gone to spirit, giving great joy to those in both worlds.

It is hoped that this evidential account of what can happen, when 'the gifts of the spirit' are applied for the good of mankind, will inspire others to work at developing their gifts.

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ApportsAs the youngest child of Isa Northage, growing up I participated in some of the experiments in this book, A Path Prepared. It seemed perfectly natural in our home to see objects move, to see the table we ate at rise and we would say, "Put the table down, Sambo, we know you are with us." The information in the séances and experiments are all true. I was a witness to the apports  arriving and the Christmas tree with the spirit children materializing to share the gifts their parents put on the tree.

As a schoolgirl I helped mother to take the bread to the sanctuary to go to our military prisoners captured by the enemy in World War II. Sometimes, if we were late, as soon as the Sanctuary door closed the bread would dematerialize from our arms. Other times we would leave it and it would be gone when we went back.
From the beginning, through experiments with ectoplasm from which materializations built, I was there.

Before I close I would like to mention my brother's son John Northage. He passed into spirit January 29, 2012. John was the one in our family who inherited my mother's gifts. As a healer John was gifted and amazing like his grandmother. John was clairaudient, clairvoyant but very humble about his gifts.

I would like to thank Ann Harrison for the reprinting of this book for future generations as a continuing story of my mother’s work.

Hannah A.Carlin (nee Nina Northage)
March 18, 2012


Those, who, like myself have shared for many years the company and friendship of this medium, esteem it an honour and privilege to share in her work and experiments, and we realise the tremendous task we undertake to try to bring before a material world something that is everyone's birthright.

Yet, so forsaken or ridiculed is such, that to ask one to try to study or understand, finds little sympathy, indeed none at all, in those who will not trouble, either to investigate or accept this evidence. Yet the very book they profess to believe in, the Holy Bible, contains the greatest collection of spiritual and psychic phenomena ever written.

To us and those who have sat with us, have returned from spirit, people of all creeds and colours, of all nations, both highly progressed souls and undeveloped, to help and to receive help.

Among those who have returned are doctors, scientists, clergy and writers, bringing evidence of the continuity of life and ever ready to serve mankind.

Many people accuse us of subjecting ourselves to wrong influences and all the wickedness of sin is laid at our door. Is this the way wrong influences would speak with you?

"Seek truth with pure motives, and although you may be in darkness, yet surely you will be guided into light."

Or again: "There is naught in life more solemn than the waiting hush that falls before the coming of the great change men call death – to watch, as it were, for the gate of death to open and the great revelation to flash for one blinding moment upon the dazzled eyes that may not grasp the meaning of what they see; this is to stand, for a space, within the very sanctuary of God."– (Direct Voice – Doctor Reynolds).

We do not publish this book with any desire for publicity; we have always refrained from such, even to the extent that on more than one occasion we have prepared for an operation, only to find it has not taken place because publicity-seeking people were present for sensation purposes and the publication of such an operation which the public were not ready to understand would have started controversy and built up hopes in suffering souls, whilst we were, as yet, far from ready to deal with large numbers of people. The disappointments would have been tremendous to those who could not receive treatment.

We therefore now feel we can disclose some of the experiments we are doing, whilst still in the experimental stage, because, in the not too distant future, we trust we shall have reached that point when we are able to receive large numbers of people and heal them.

This then is our purpose, briefly, in making our work known and in publishing our experiments, and to show the gradual development of our leader in her mediumship, who, of her own free will has given so much of her life to be of service to God and man.

The many material disappointments, setbacks and difficulties encountered were, to say the least, discouraging. The loss of 'friends' and the personal problems met with so often in this work, was sorrowful, yet with such a goal in view, nothing could be allowed to stand in the way.

Throughout life, under the guidance and companionship of ministering angels, difficulties gradually smoothed out and our work has now reached a point where we see the fruits of sacrifice.

It is hoped the events here recorded will cause people to think more deeply of God's love at all times, and also of life's continuity. It may perhaps encourage them to re-read their Bible in a new light and understanding, and know that so-called miracles and ministering angels are as close and intimate today as they have been since the beginning of time.

Perhaps also, these events may help mankind to prepare himself for his new life, when God calls him.

None among us who has been privileged to share in this work claims praise; all praise belongs to God and His angel messengers and to our leader Isa A. Northage.

The author would like to express his grateful thanks to all who have contributed in any way to the experiences recorded in this book and especially to the one whose efforts have done so much for humanity.

Allan Macdonald.

An Early Experience ( from Chpt 2)

On 16th April, 1916, feeling lonely as my fiancé Kit Dixon was overseas serving his country; I walked to the woods as we usually did when together. Being a fine day I sat for a while in the quiet, my thoughts naturally on Kit.

Quite unexpectedly the whole scene changed around me and I seemed to be looking onto a battlefield of torn buildings and shell-potted roads. Mounted soldiers were returning along the roadway and suddenly I heard a rifle shot and saw Kit fall from his horse: another of the troop rode forward, aimed his rifle at the tree and fired, bringing down a German sniper. I saw this soldier then return and kneel by Kit whom I knew had been fatally wounded.

When the vision faded I was dreadfully shaken and returned home. From previous experiences I knew what this vision meant. Mother, seeing my distress, made some tea, and as we sat, she waited for me to explain. Having told her, she tried to comfort me and suggested I dismiss the whole thing. I could only reply: "It came and I believe." We did not refer to this matter again.

Some letters arrived from France requesting me to make arrangements for our wedding as my fiancé had been granted leave. Retiring one evening and regarding his photo by my bedside I furtively hoped my vision was not real. I was soon asleep, but shortly afterwards awoke, feeling someone was in my room and then the vision again appeared, so real and life-like that I could not restrain my feelings and in despair cried : "Oh, Kit!" My whole world had collapsed. Time passed until 9th July, 1916, when I received the usual sad letter informing me that Kit had been killed.

Hoping to be of service myself I joined the W.R.A.F. New surroundings and people helped me a little and I tried my best to find forgetfulness in the service, soon, in 1917, becoming a Section Leader. I became great friends with a Nurse Brown who was serving with me. She was suffering from nervous trouble, having had some very frightening war experiences. We often walked together and on this particular day had set out for a quiet country stroll.

Soon we heard the droning of a Zeppelin and bombs began to fall. Already suffering from nervous tension, Nurse became hysterical and I could not control her. In my dilemma I cried: "If there is a God who can hear me, please help me." At once a man’s voice replied: "Take off your coat and put it over her head." This was repeated three times and there was not a soul in sight. I obeyed the voice, and as Nurse became quieter I tried to half carry and half drag her to the camp. Nurse Brown was eventually discharged on medical grounds.

Healing: Account of Experiences by Group Captain G.S.M. Insall, V.C., MC.

My first experience of psychic phenomena occurred in about 1916-1917 when a prisoner of war in a German fortress. I took part in a short-lived séance of table-turning.

Pinewood ChurchAs a contrast to my first séance mentioned above, I will tell you what I saw, heard and felt on a red-letter day of my life in Isa Northage’s little séance room, adjoining her Spiritual Healing Church.

I was asked to attend and help with a couple of bloodless operations. I met the two patients in her sitting room. They were business men who had just driven from a Midland city about fifty miles away. They were both suffering from hernias, and one had complications. I had joined the other helpers, leaving the patients chatting with Isa. We prepared the room, donned white overalls and masks, as was the rule with Dr Reynolds. This was not new to me as I had been a student in the most up-to-date French hospital before the First World War changed my career to flying. I had attended many an operation in those days, and some I would never put pen to paper to describe. But this bloodless one is a very different story.

I will now proceed. The two patients came in. The first, the one with complications, was partially stripped and placed on the operating table. The other was given a chair nearby.

Dr ReynoldsThere was a trolley, and I checked over the instruments tweezers, swabs, kidney basins and bowls; no cutting instruments at all except scissors to cut lint. There was also a small white pencil light. I checked the emergency door and saw that it was locked and bolted on the inside, and draught excluded by a mat placed on the threshold. I was just closing the inner door leading into the church when somebody noticed that the medium had not arrived. I opened it again, and she came in. The light was turned low and somebody opened in prayer. I could see the medium sitting in her usual chair, a curtain hanging on either side. Immediately the prayer was over a trumpet rose and Dr Reynolds' familiar voice greeted us all. He then reassured the patients and gave them instructions, saying he wished to leave the medium in trance the shortest possible time, so there would be a break after the first operation while the second was being prepared. I was assigned a kidney basin to collect swabs in and stepped forward to the operating table. The trumpet went down, and almost immediately the Doctor appeared in materialised form on the opposite side of the operating table. He is of small stature. The medium was in deep trance.

He first took the tweezers and swab with a disinfecting cleanser and swabbed the area. The hernia was umbilical. I collected the swab in the kidney basin. Then I saw him place his hands on the patient's flesh, and they just went in deep, nearly out of sight. He stretched out for the tweezers and swabs and I collected eight soiled ones altogether.

He then questioned the patient: "Do you feel anything?" The answer was in the negative. He told him he would be all right in a few days, but he must take it easy for about a week. The second patient, whose hernia was straightforward, was the driver of the car and they would both drive back that evening. Dr Reynolds then said: "I want to rest the medium; get the next patient ready. I am off, but will be back as soon as you are ready."

His last action was to pick up the pencil lamp and turn a bright patch of light on to the flesh where he had operated. All that could be seen was a slight flushing of the skin, no break, no scar. He then left us, and full lights were gradually turned on. The medium came out of trance and we prepared the second patient.

The procedure was then repeated, and I think I only collected one swab, as there was no infection. I noted that those of the first operation were mostly stained, but in neither case was any blood forthcoming. The infected swabs were of course incinerated.

As soon as Dr Reynolds had said goodbye and departed, opened up the door to the Church and we joined Isa in cup of tea.

The two patients felt no ill effects, and they drove back in the manner in which they came.

I could give many more instances of other phenomena, but I will limit them to two which concerned me in particular.

Part of the Account of Experiences of Mr & Mrs Ventress of Woodbury Salterton, Near Exeter:

On January 16th, 1953, we attended Mrs Northage’s Christmas tree séance. A tall tree, lovingly decorated, was covered with presents; there were extra gifts for the children, unknown to the Parents, who invariably pop in. Whistles, squeakers, drums, tambourines and mouth organs were heaped at the base of the tree, for spirit children are as merry as any, and love making a noise as they would if still on earth. The Sanctuary was lit by dim red lamps and scattered about were wooden, luminous plaques and torches. As each child materialised it picked up a plaque and held it up to illuminate the features.

Ellen DawesSoon all was activity, with numerous spirit children searching for and unwrapping their parcels, talking and laughing with their parents and loudly blowing their squeakers, etc. The gentle Ellen Dawes was helping the smaller children to find and unwrap their gifts. We saw her beautiful materialised form near the top of the tree, and never had we felt so close to the angelic spheres as on this night. Naturally our attention was centred on the coming of our own children.

Nils came first. He was then about five years old we had put a little clockwork tractor on the tree for him. First we heard him saying: "Where is my present? I can’t find it," with rising agitation. Then he found and unwrapped it, and coming over to us held his plaque, luminous side up, and ran his tractor up and down its flat surface. He then handed the tractor and key to my husband and said: “Wind it up, Daddy, please.” When this was done we watched him follow it across the floor on hands and knees in great excitement. He then returned with the tractor and handed it to his daddy saying: "Hold it for me, please, I come back." Almost at once we heard Zoe saying: "I want my Mummy and Daddy." "We are over here, darling," I said. "I know, I can see you," she replied, and coming to stand before us she said "I thank you for my book and my bag," and then said she would like them given to the little daughter of a sitter present. I kissed her on the cheek and she moved in front of me saying: "I want to kiss my Daddy," and after kissing him she dematerialised.

Soon after Abudulai Gurunshi greeted us joyfully and snatching up a tambourine, proceeded to whisk it within a hairsbreadth of our noses, playing one of the drum rhythms of West Africa. Later, when the lights were turned up we were astonished to find Zoe's parcel unopened on the tree, yet she had known and mentioned its contents. We can never be grateful enough that the thin veil separating us from our loved ones has been drawn aside, giving us the certainty that all is well with them.

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