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Mrs Miller's Gift: CD

The Helen Duncan Séance December 1937
(The only known recording of such a séance)

Life After Death

Mrs Miller's Gift: CD The Helen Duncan Séance December 1937

Written and produced by Gerald O'Hara B.Sc.

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These rare recordings were discovered in 2006 when Gerald O’Hara was researching the history of the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology. The 78rpm shellac recordings have been audibly cleaned and digitally re-mastered by an engineer who specialises in audio retrieval services and the old discs yielded up their long silent voices


1. “Ernest Oaten Makes History” ( BBC) 1934 The former President of the Spiritualist National Union gives his opinions on what Spiritualism and in particular its phenomena has meant to him and how Spiritualism changed his life.

Ernest Oaten

2. The Helen Duncan Séance. Recorded at the Edinburgh Psychic College and Library, Heriot Row in December 1937. Rediscovered at the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology in 2006, the records provide a rare insight to what the experience of a Helen Duncan séance would have meant to the sitters. The famous guides, Peggy and Albert can be heard to speak again after more than seventy years.

Albert Speaks to Mr Heywood

3. “Harry Edwards Speaks”. 1960’s Harry Edwards has been described as the greatest healer of recent times. In nearly forty years of healing he brought relief to many thousands of sufferers from all manner of physical and mental sickness. Harry Edwards demonstrated his wonderful gift in every major city and town throughout the United Kingdom.

Harry Edwards

Also included us a 24-page illustrated booklet of background and transcripts.

These unique recordings bring together the Philosophy, the Phenomena and the Healing of Spiritualism. All recordings are digitally remastered.

Written and produced by Gerald O’Hara B.Sc.

Total playing time 49 minutes

*This CD is not now available direct through this website, but we are delighted to be able to pass on the contact details. Please contact Gerald O’Hara for more information at


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