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Experiences of Trance

Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena
with the Stewart Alexander Circle.
Part 3: The Etheric Connection CD

Life After Death

Experiences of Trance, Part 3: The Etheric Connection

The Stewart Alexander Circle

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This CD accompanies the third and final book of the Alexander Project trilogy.

It is wonderful to read about Spirit communication and an extra privilege to hear the Spirit people talking with such clarity via trance, direct voice and materialisation through the mediumship of Stewart Alexander.

In the first sections (6 tracks) of this CD, Katie Halliwell invites you to listen to the fantastic activities at a Christmas Tree Séance and to share in the experience of hearing the Spirit children playing with the toys on the Christmas tree.  

The CD also includes emotional communications between Maureen Abrol and her deceased father whose funeral, unbeknown to anyone present, had been held the previous day.

There is a recording of Tom Harrison, speaking for the first time from the Spirit World, to the home circle of which he was a member for 16 years, just 3 weeks after he had passed.

Freda, Stewart’s regular Spirit Communicator then completes the trilogy by speaking about the important roles we each play in the scheme of life.

Track 2 - Christopher goes to the tree

Track 9 - Tom and Walter

Track 11 - Freda speaks on life after death

To fully understand the contents of this CD - it is advisable that the accompanying book Experiences of Trance: Part Three’ – The Etheric Connection’ should be read first.

Total playing time 77minutes.

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