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Experiences of Trance

Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena
with the Stewart Alexander Circle.
Part 2: Home Circles & Public Sittings CDs

Life After Death

Experiences of Trance, Part 2: Home Circles & Public Sittings Double CD

The Stewart Alexander Circle

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For Part 2 Katie had such a wealth of material that it was decided to let the recordings extend over 2 CDs.

Disc 1 has 3 tracks given over to Freda Johnson Stewart’s regular female communicator who perseveres despite having all that ‘maleness around’ and tells us of her life on earth and how she came to join the Spirit team.

The other 2 tracks let us hear the communicator, then known as Vanguard, speaking through the independent voice box in direct voice.

Disc 2 has a mixture, over its 7 tracks, of personal evidence, communications from old friends, healing by materialised Spirit form and a demonstration of light brought by Walter, when materialised, to show his hand and arm.

Walter materialised, shows himself with the spiritual light

Freda speaks with Gilly

Total playing time 111minutes

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