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Experiences of Trance

Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena
with the Stewart Alexander Circle.
Part 1: Evidence of Survival After Death CD

Life After Death

Experiences of Trance, Part 1: Evidence of Survival After Death CD

The Stewart Alexander Circle

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This first CD in the series introduces us to Stewart Alexander’s natural voice speaking after a sitting has finished and he is out of trance and then to the team who work with him from the Spirit world.

Katie has also included recordings of the production of various phenomena in red light and personal evidential communication from 5 different séances across the 20 tracks.

Stewart has taken over 40 years to develop his trance and physical phenomena, and he still continues to do so. As the Spirit team develops techniques to use Stewart as an instrument, they increase the communication levels for our loved ones to communicate with us.

Before playing each track we advise you to, read the matching section in the ‘Read and Listen’ chapter, which explains what you are about to hear. You may also follow the track in the ‘Audio Transcript’ Section at the end of the book.

Track 1 - Stewart Alexander

Track 2 - White Feather

Track 16 - Ron Hill speaks to Katie

Total playing time 74 minutes.

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