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Experiences of Trance

Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena
with the Stewart Alexander Circle.
Part 3: The Etheric Connection

Life After Death

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Assosiated Phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Circle, Part3

By Katie Halliwell

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This final book of the 'Alexander Project' trilogy and the accompanying CD provides further interesting reports of trance and physical phenomena.

Katie tells of the sorrow in the Alexander circle as a result of the tragic passing of a prominent circle member following a fatal road accident.  She tells of the changes that were forced upon the circle and how, through a perfect stranger, the departed member was to quickly provide irrefutable evidence of her own survival.

Also included in the book are fine detailed illustrations depicting physical phenomena in action, as Katie takes us into the séance room. Additionally, she explains how so-called 'book-tests' were introduced and communicated by the Spirit team. She also shares with the readers interesting accounts of the traditional Christmas tree séances which the Alexander circle gave and reports on the evident joy of the sitters as the Spirit children played with the toys provided. These special festive séances also include excellent evidential communications.

These are just some of the wonders within the 'Etheric Connection' as it seeks throughout to demonstrate and prove survival after death and how it is all made possible by the blending of the two worlds through the physical mediumship of Stewart Alexander.

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  • Paperback: 158 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (10 Jun 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955705090
  • Product Dimensions: 21.3 x 13.7 cm  (5.5" x 8.5")
Trumpet phenomena

As I explained at the beginning of this chapter, the trumpet phenomena has always been produced in total darkness, but we are able to see the luminous tabs on the broader ends of the trumpets.  We also know that Stewart is still sitting in his chair because we can see the luminous tabs on his knees and also because he often converses with us whilst the phenomena is taking place.

With help and advice from Dr. Barnett (in Spirit), the illustration below has been created to show what we would probably see if light was introduced during trumpet phenomena.

The trumpets glide through the air with such ease and tranquillity.

It is a delight for the sitters to watch the trumpets glide with such ease and tranquillity.  They frequently communicate with particular manoeuvres, for example; up and down for yes, sideways for no and, in the presence of Tom and Ann Harrison, a Spirit guide called Sunrise often makes himself known with a circular movement of the trumpet in a clockwise then anticlockwise direction, as he did 60 years ago in Tom’s mother’s home circle.  The trumpet may tap a sitter on the shoulder, stroke an arm or rest on a lap with the broader end facing the solar plexus. When this happens we know that energy is being withdrawn from the sitter.  The sitters in the home circle are always willing to give energy and any energy taken is always replaced at the end of the séance.

My own experience being a feeling of revitalisation after a séance as the Spirit people seem to give so much more than they take - such is the love of Spirit.  The trumpets can reach as far as the other end of the room and even touch the ceiling and, as previously stated, Stewart himself is often conscious during the trumpet phenomena.

Table Levitation

On one occasion I saw the table levitate on its own as four people, (including Stewart) sat round it holding hands. Sitting at a home circle on 29th July 2008, I took the opportunity to ask Walter how the table levitates.   He explained that this was done by means of the dynamic living energy ‘ectoplasma’ extracted from Stewart, and to an extent from the members of the circle. He then continued to say, "This energy exists between both the physical and the spiritual world.  It is unique to neither state of existence but common to both.  Imagine a mist (fog!) or a vapour or a liquid, this would be its appearance as it leaves the body.  We extract it from the medium's mouth, nose or solar plexus and then we, (the Spirit people), begin to work with it – to fashion it – to change its molecular structure in such a manner that it begins to take on solid form within your world.  It gradually becomes more physical than spiritual.  Out of this ectoplasm, a lever is created to the very centre of the underside of the table and the energy is then utilised in such a way that it expands in an upward direction and the table begins to move and finally to levitate". 

Chair Levitation

chair levitation

Using a similar ectoplasmic technique as that used to achieve table levitation, the energy can also be powerful enough to levitate the chair with Stewart still sat in it.  During this procedure Stewart is conscious throughout and I have visualised an illustration of what we may have seen if we had been able to introduce a red light.  In the darkness of the séance room, our eyes were focused on the luminous tabs as we watched them rise to eye level and above.

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