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Experiences of Trance

Physical Mediumship and Associated Phenomena
with the Stewart Alexander Circle.
Part 2: Home Circles & Public Sittings

Life After Death

Experiences of Trance, Physical Mediumship and Assosiated Phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Circle, Part 2

By Katie Halliwell

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Stewart Alexander Home circleThis book is the revised edition of the book first published 2 years ago and is the second in a series about the Physical Mediumship of the English medium, Stewart Alexander.

Katie Halliwell shares her experiences in the Alexander Home Circle, including hands-on healing, direct from a materialised Spirit person; plus a variety of fantastic physical phenomena, demonstrated by Walter Stinson who passed into Spirit nearly 100 years ago. She has included sketches to illustrate the phenomena which have not as yet been photographed.

Part Two opens with a read and listen section as Spirit people talk about their own post-death experiences, communicating by 'direct voice' while materialised in the  séance room.  Hear them talking as they show their own Spirit Light of up to 6-7 inches in diameter, (16-17cms), which they sometimes intensify to display their hands and arms.  Over 100 minutes of séance room recordings on 2 CDs are available separately and the transcript of the recordings is included in the book.

The book also features reports by people from different parts of Britain and Europe, as the medium, Stewart Alexander, continues to travel, giving more public demonstrations, to help the Spirit World spread the priceless knowledge of the truth of survival beyond the grave.

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  • Paperback: 136 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (9 Jun 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-0955705021
  • Product Dimensions: 21.4 x 14 cm (5.5” x 8.5”)
From the book...

The Spirit World is one of 'thought' where the etheric (spirit) body is free from the heavy and slow vibrations of our Earth plane. Freda, a member of our Spirit team, once explained how she can travel from A to B in the blinking of an eye; apparently she has only to think of a place, or a person, and she is there, or she is with them.  Time, as we understand it, does not exist in the Spirit World.  Freda knows about any event taking place simply through the attraction of thought.

Some of Stewart's spirit team

I begin with White Feather who is known to us as Stewart's main Spirit guide and his 'doorkeeper'. He opens public circles with his blessing and gives us his utmost protection throughout a séance. Having been a North American Indian when he lived on the Earth plane, he obviously possessed a great knowledge of the natural forces, understanding both the  psychic and spiritual senses.

Christopher died when he was 6½ years old and he still remembers his life on Earth as a child. In the Spirit World he could have chosen to grow and mature into his prime, but he is quite happy at the moment to return as a child because, as such, he is best able to help nervous sitters attending a séance for the first time to relax. Christopher's thoughts are happy and carefree; and he puts his own cheeky energy into Stewart's aura.

The medium's brain then interprets Christopher's thoughts and vocalises them. The little boy's personality then manifests, loud and clear.

When I have been sitting next to Stewart with Christopher in control, Stewart's body physically doubles up like a child and there is a lot of rocking and wriggling about in the chair. Christopher often tells us that he is half in and half out and by this we understand that he hasn't quite achieved full control of the human instrument.

Freda has often commented about the strangeness of speaking through a male organism, when she returns to control Stewart in trance. The timbre of the voice we hear portrays male characteristics simply because she is speaking through the medium's own voice box.

… She tells us that before she can communicate through Stewart she must first draw close to him, so that her energy and aura effectively fuse with his and thereafter she can  activate and control his brain. Then, and only then, can she transmit her thoughts, and those of other Spirit friends, directly to the circle sitters. However, since the level and degree of trance attained tends to vary, the purity of any communication must, of course, vary also. When the level of control is good, and there is very little unconscious interference from the medium's brain, communication is untainted, and that is when we enjoy the most wonderful  meetings with our friends from the Spirit World.

Walter:  It is when Stewart is in a deep state of trance that physical phenomena begins to take place, and this is generally created, orchestrated and controlled by Walter Stinson whose Canadian personality comes over extremely well when he speaks. He is a charming gentleman as the ladies quickly discover.

Walter's sister, Mina Crandon, was the famous physical medium, known to the world, particularly in America, as 'Margery the Medium'. Throughout her career as a medium she underwent a considerable number of scientific tests.  After Walter was killed in a railway accident in 1911, he took control of his sister's mediumship from the Spirit World and specialised in working with ectoplasmic phenomena.  For many years he did such a lot of work proving life after death through his sister's mediumship and now he continues his work through Stewart. With countless demonstrations using ectoplasm, he occasionally walks out of the cabinet carrying his own Spirit light illuminating his hands and arms.

Dr Barnett specialises in the production of the Direct Voice (which is also known as Independent Voice) which is an audible oral communication using a speaking mechanism created out of ectoplasmic energy. In simple terms, ectoplasm is produced from the medium and fashioned into a voice box which our Spirit friends use in order to speak directly to us, (this is explained more fully by Dr Barnett in Section 22). Dr. Barnett, in taking control of the voice box, endeavours to attain a  volume level which is audible within the séance room and this generally occurs when the energy has reached its peak. 

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