Scott Milligan is an amazing young man. By the age of thirty he is an incredible teacher, drawing the best out of those who come to work with him, encouraging them to develop their talents particularly in the field of trance. His physical mediumship is growing year on year and in particular in the field of Independent Direct Voice, so important not only in creating that contact between loved ones separated by Death but also in the field of philosophy.

Our Introduction to Scott

It is eleven years since my husband, Tom Harrison, son of the esteemed physical medium Minnie Harrison, and I were invited by Scott to sit in his development circle led by John Austin on the south coast of England. We met at a restaurant where we were guests of  medium David Thompson. There we met David’s circle members and at the end of the evening Scott asked us if we would sit with him. Tom was delighted as John Austin, Scott’s circle leader, was an old friend of his and it would be good to see him again.

We knew nothing of Scott’s background but I later learned that he had started sitting in a physical circle at the age of sixteen. It is said that John Austin’s wife, by then in the world of spirit, had manifested at a séance and told them to find Scott Milligan. When they did, he was extremely nervous about it and the first time he sat with John Austin and the others of the circle nothing happened, but that is not unusual.

He then went and sat in a séance with Colin Fry. There he heard a child’s voice speaking to him and felt the touch of a spirit child’s hand and he ‘fell in love’.

He said “At the end of that sitting I ran out of the room and shouted ‘Phone John – I’ll sit!’ At the first sitting we had bangs and knockings. A few sittings later we heard a voice from the ceiling and then nothing more happened for two and half years.”1

A Good Night! Our first sitting with Scott, 2004

By the time we sat with him in the summer of 2004 quite a bit of development had taken place and that evening the regular home circle members were also joined by David Thompson and his wife, shortly before they left for Australia.

I do not remember great detail from that evening but a lasting memory is of a signal being given for the red light to be switched on so we could see what had been done to the medium.

Before the start of the séance Scott had been fastened to the chair by very strong cable ties at his wrists and legs. The chair was a semi-reclining, armed chair, which was not adjustable and on one occasion when the light was switched on Scott was draped over the back of the chair with his arms and legs still attached to the chair and all the ties in place – a physical impossibility. The signal was given for the light to be switched off and within a few seconds for it to be switched on again. Scott was back in his normal position on the chair. Here we had had a demonstration of how the spirit world can manipulate our physical matter. The entry in my diary for that year says, ‘A Good Night!’

Do have a look at his website for other photographs of matter through matter.2

 Scott and his team

It was another seven years before I was to see Scott again. So what has evolved in those years?

He has continued to sit in a good ‘home circle’ so that the spirit world could work with him to develop his wonderful gift.  His circle leader passed in 2011 but his home circle of eleven sitters sit every week whether Scott is present or not.

Besides this Scott has sat in well over three hundred séances over the past ten to twelve years and he has gained a huge amount of knowledge regarding Physical Mediumship. He has been fortunate to sit with a good number of Physical Mediums over the years and he likes nothing more than to share his experiences with all who will listen. Scott is now one of the very few people able to share experiences for the benefit of others.

Over the years the spirit team around him grew and today as well as his Guardian – Morning Star – the main communicators in a public séance are:

Daniel (The lively ‘young’ one)

Working with Scott from the other world, Daniel has the ability to manipulate matter and produce phenomena. As the circle on both sides of life continues to develop, Daniel is able to push the boundaries further to produce greater phenomena. Showing himself as a young boy he has told sitters he is no such thing. He told one lady who called him ‘little sweetheart’ that he was old enough to be her father and at the séance in Shropshire this May he told us he was 57 when he passed over 54 years before (or were the figures the other way around!).

Eric Robert Johnson (The philosophical one)

He sounds to be an elderly English gentleman from another age and he is very prone to delivering impromptu philosophical addresses quite beyond Scott’s educational achievements.

Frances (The Singer)

Her role is to stretch the ectoplasmic voice box way beyond the range of which Scott is physically capable, and singing is not one of his strong points. Her range and volume would have no difficulty in filling an opera house. She also delights in singing Over the Rainbow!

Another close colleague, not usually heard in the public séances, is Doctor Pinnock.  He works with Scott in the trance state to assist with various conditions and ailments.

There have been a number of successful healing experiences through Scott’s mediumship and this is an area that is constantly developing and expanding. Scott has said that opportunities are being made available for people to have a consultation and treatment at various locations.

Apports are known to frequently appear in séances and for this reason all jewellery has to be removed by sitters before entering the séance room so there can be no doubt if objects appear that they are indeed apports. (see his website for some on the items)

So do I have other personal experiences of this physical Medium?

Yes I do. Just one year after my husband’s death, in November 2011 at the Acacia Centre in the Murcia Region of south eastern Spain I was able to see how this young man had developed. As well as benefitting from his teaching of trance state development in the workshop earlier in the day, in the séance on the Saturday evening we witnessed many different types of phenomena. We had trumpets, illuminated by small luminous stickers, flying around the room at great speed without hitting anything in the total darkness; instruments were played noisily by the spirit children (so we were told) and these were placed too far from the medium for them to have been touched by him, as he was secured to the chair as before. Nor could any of the sitters have reached out to touch them as we were all holding each other’s hands. The spirit team were then ready for the red light to be put on and for a few seconds we saw streams of ectoplasm coming from Scott’s mouth flowing to the floor but on this occasion no formations were seen within the ectoplasm.

After the red light had been switched off, we heard voices speaking through a voice box away from the medium, who was sitting in the cabinet behind heavy curtains. Towards the end of the séance, when the voice box had been operating for some time, Daniel, speaking from the centre of the room, several metres away from Scott in the cabinet, said “I don’t usually do this but the voice box has dried up and so I will try to relay what they want to say.”

The person who wished to communicate wasn’t named nor to whom they wished to speak, but Daniel said “Someone keeps picking up a photo and wiping their hand across it and putting it down.”

I recognised the action and as no one else spoke up so I accepted it! – Tom, who had passed 13 months before, had said he would always be there at the centre which we had attended every week.

Ann: Yes I do.

Daniel: You still have a tie, a most colourful one.

A: Yes. – (the tie he wore for our wedding)

D: His mother met him. You stroked his forehead and said ‘I will always love you’ after he had passed. He saw you, he was there. (A: Yes.) You need to live for you both now. To continue the work that you did.

D: He was worried that he might go blind.

A: Yes he was – (I didn’t realise how worried until I recently read his diary for 2009).

D: Who was it that couldn’t tell left from right? (A: Me.)

D: He wants to kiss you and what is this about rubbing noses?

A: We used to – Eskimo style, sometimes when we kissed.

He gave me quite a few more pieces of personal evidence unknown to anyone there and then finished with this –

D: Did he like cheese? (A: Not particularly, but I do.) I can see him going to the cheese counter.

A: Yes – I bought 3 packs at the shop two days ago.

Some excellent evidence of survival of the personality with the awareness of things I had been doing.

Direct Voice at Eastbourne 2012

Ten months later I took the opportunity to attend a five-day Gordon Higginson Fellowship seminar on the South Coast of England where Scott was to be one of the five physical mediums demonstrating that week. Scott Milligan has always said, it doesn’t matter where you are sitting, if spirit want to get to you they will. His advice is – always to go into a sitting hoping that the person next to you will get a message – and that will create the harmony for a good séance.

I have to admit though, I had said to Tom that I hoped he would make it through at some point. He has been so well-known that it would be a bonus for many people if he could connect with at least one medium. He did just that with Scott!

This time Tom was able to use the independent voice box which had formed to the left of Scott. Quietly, but distinctly towards the end of the séance we could hear him say ‘Annnn…’ He then went on to say that he had come as I wished, but it was difficult.

Telling me I was his best girl, he then said he wanted to have the first dance with me – but not for some time! This was a reference to our ‘village’ Street Party in Spain that I had attended for the first time without him, and had danced there, the previous Friday, just as he had asked me to (through the table movement experiment in our home circle)3.

Tom then told me he had done something for me. He had written a message – “I didn’t know I could do that. Catch my two kisses.” We heard the lip-smacking sound of two kisses.

Tom couldn’t hold the communication any longer and young Daniel continued for him.

Tom always likes to give some up-to-date evidence, to prove on-going survival, rather than just memories – particularly if it can be something that does not readily come to mind. In this way, if it is not at the forefront of your mind, it can’t be a mind-reading trick by the medium.

Daniel then asked if I still had Tom’s shoe laces – with knots in. I couldn’t remember. There was silence while Daniel asked Tom and he then told me – “They are in a box in the corner.”

When the lights were put on at the end of the séance, in the top corner of one of the three sheets of A4 paper, which Sue Farrow (Editor of Psychic News) had initialled before the séance began, was written –

Tom….. With x alway x x.

And why two kisses blown? – this day was the nineteenth Anniversary of the day he first kissed me, on the weekend that we met, and yes, that day, it was two kisses.

On my return to Spain I did find the shoe laces in a box in the cupboard in Tom’s workshop and one pair was tied in a knot.

And now at the Doris Ann Centre, Oswestry

On 22nd Maythis year (2015), I was privileged to be able to sit with Scott Milligan again at Bill Gardner’s Doris Ann Centre in deepest Shropshire. It was a beautiful Spring evening when more than thirty of us gathered there, a good number of seasoned sitters but also a few first timers too. Scott and Darren arrived much later than expected having taken over nine hours to drive from the south coast because of traffic holdups. Not phased, they immediately set up their collection of toys for the spirit children in the centre of the séance room and within a short time, following Darren’s introductory talk we were able to enter the séance room. Two first-time sitters acted as checkers and having thoroughly checked the room, the cabinet and the toys, they ensured also that the medium was not hiding anything on his person. Security is thorough and each of us having been body-checked was then scanned with a metal detector as we entered the room. We were seated randomly by finding the chair with the same number as that we had selected from a bowl as we entered.

The checkers then watched and checked as he was securely fastened by wrists and legs to the chair in the cabinet. Darren, his manager, and Christine Morgan, who were to sit either side of the medium, were also body checked and scanned. After Christine had opened with a prayer for protection and of welcome to the spirit folk Darren led us in gusty singing of familiar and old songs to raise the positive vibrations needed for such a sitting.

Within a very short time the spirit children were playing with the balls and toys in the centre of the room and sitters were being hit on the legs by the balls.  Drums were struck, more or less in time to our singing, and several people, including me, felt touches from the spirit ‘children’ out in the room.

The trumpet, (a cone-shaped megaphone for those of you not familiar with the terminology) with a luminous band on the wide end, was actively moving around the room and keeping time to the singing of a repetitive song loved by children.  So much fun.

As the voice box for Direct Voice began to develop Daniel, Scott’s ‘child’ guide started to bring forward evidence which would connect to individual sitters. It soon became obvious that all the communicators would be fathers of those present.

The first contact was for a lady those father had died only 12 days before and she had told me earlier that despite being a medium herself she was troubled that no-one had been back to tell her father was safely on the ‘other side’.

The second man gave the name of ‘Old Charlie’ but when questioned by Daniel it turned out to be not his name but an ornament – now that I could accept, as I still have a small Toby Jug, inscribed ‘Old Charlie’, which was a wedding present to my mother and father. I accepted it and explained. However it appeared that Daniel also had another man there and we heard Daniel say to the spirit side “but he’s been before and he wrote a message.” That told me that Tom was present for as I have already told you three years previously he had written a message for me.

The third connection was to a friend of mine whose father cheated at board games and much laughter ensued. This was absolutely correct and she told us of one of those occasions.

These contacts being established the fathers made contact through the independent voice box and for the lady from Scotland a joyous reunion took place with her Dad, in a strong Scottish accent, telling promptly to her ‘shut up’ and let him speak. An absolutely key point – for this was what he had said to her on the day he was dying (as she never stopped talking).

The game-cheating father came through next and the polished accent was completely different from the broad Scots accent of the previous man. She was able to have a good chat to her father before it was my turn.

Daniel the guide announced that he had two men for me but instead of my Dad coming through it was Tom who made himself known with some lovely personal evidence, including that he was keeping up his dancing practice and he hadn’t forgotten his promise to me. Unfortunately, Daniel had then to tell me that my Dad had given up his time to Tom that evening (Well, it was a special occasion as it would have been our 17th Wedding anniversary the next day).

We then had a fourth contact for a male sitter, as his father came through to lend him his support and encouragement in his spiritual work.

As well as Daniel we heard from another of Scott’s spirit team, Eric, whose resonant, cultured voice is so different from Scott’s normal voice and also from that of ‘young’ Daniel.

After all these wonderful contacts we then had more phenomena with drums and bells beaten and rung. Towards the end of the session the ‘checkers’ were asked to see that Scott’s bindings were in place. The red light was turned on and to their amazement they found that Scott and his chair were turned through 180 degrees within the cabinet and we had heard nothing – and yes all bindings were in place.

The sitting continued for a short time longer and the checkers were asked to check Scott again and this time they found that he and the chair were facing forward again as when we had started. As the cabinet in which Scott was sitting was quite confined there was no way he could have shuffled the chair round.

It had been a wonderful evening of laughter, evidence and phenomena lasting over two hours.

Although there was no light in the séance on this occasion I know that his team are working for this to be possible, but the main concern in a large public gathering, where many are totally unknown to the medium’s team and often to the organisers, is for the medium’s safety. When you are working with ectoplasm it is essential that no risks are taken.

Directed by spirit not by the ‘authorities’

Earlier this year Scott took a strong stand against the decision of the Arthur Findlay College which decreed that all ‘dark’ séances should be observed through night vision glasses etc or filmed. Scott stated that he would only work through the direction of his spirit team where the use of light or light enhancement technology was to be employed and so has declined to work there again.

Physical mediums working with ectoplasm are extremely rare and need all the care we can give. A misguided reaching out to touch something which comes to you out of the dark can result in serious injury, and the sudden introduction of light in such a situation can result in death of the medium. This is a very special form of connection with those who have gone before and needs nurture and protection – I will even say reverence and respect, given the love that you will receive from that Other World contact.

Scott loves to work and has helped many develop their potential in trance and healing. His aim is to have his own centre, where they can concentrate their energies on ‘communication and physical mediumship can be developed in a secure environment.’ But in the meantime he travels to a number of centres to teach and demonstrate his mediumship. Two of his favourite centres are Kingswells House in Aberdeen and the Banyan Retreat in Kent – many, many miles apart.

This has been a very personal report of the work of a wonderful medium who wishes to work for the good of whomever he can touch, to help them understand the importance of knowing we are eternal. It is a real privilege to be able to write this tribute to him.


1. Excerpt from Psychic News No 31

2. See photos at

3. Harrison Connections: Tom Harrison’s ‘Desire to Communicate’ by Ann Harrison

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