What is ‘The Alexander Project’?

By Katie Halliwell – (author of the Alexander Project Trilogy)

 The Alexander Project is, on the surface, a trilogy of books and CDs, but those readers who choose to look a little further into the concept will find an educational source of spirit communication just waiting to be discovered.   Not only that, they will also discover that all proceeds above the cost of production will go to one of Stewart Alexander’s chosen health and caring charities; ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ – just one of the many ways that we help our spirit friends to help others.

These three books detail the ongoing experiences of trance, physical mediumship and associated phenomena with the Stewart Alexander Home Circle, and you may be interested to know that, ‘The Alexander Project Trilogy’ was not invented —– it grew.

So how and where did it start?

Well – I suppose one could say that it started as soon as I decided to seek for truth about life after so-called-death.


did it start when Tom Harrison sat in his mother’s circle, ‘The Saturday Night Club’?


did it start when Stewart Alexander decided to sit for physical phenomena?


when Robert and Georgina Brake decided to move to Huddersfield synchronising with my very first visit to the local Spiritualist Church?


did it start when Ann Harrison published the first book?

I have to mention all this, because if any of the above had not happened, then the trilogy’s flower would not have been able to show its exciting and true colours.

I am talking here about a group of souls both in the Spirit World and living on the Earth plane all working together to inspire others in respect of what is possible and what can be done when trance, physical mediumship and other associated phenomena’ is realised.

Physical phenomena are obviously quite mind boggling to those people who are unable to understand the true meaning and/or who have never actually witnessed any. This is what I discovered when I set about on my wonderful journey experiencing the physical mediumship of Stewart Alexander.  I recognised the fact that it was time to help educate those in need of such knowledge with a simple read and listen guide which then led on to the development of the ‘Part One’ book of the trilogy.  When it was completed, Freda, (one of Stewart’s main spirit communicators) invited me to become an honorary member of the home circle and after 12 years labour of love for which I have taken no payment at all, (except for travelling expenses and materials), the trilogy was finalised in 2011.  It is nice to know that the much needed knowledge of the Spirit World – survival and communication – is now being filtered through to all who can be reached.

The books continue to be a success and if you are wondering why the ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’ was chosen, it was because I was born deaf and in appreciation of all the work I have done since 1999, Stewart and his Home Circle thought it appropriate to choose a charity connected with deaf people.

On 20th January 2012, Stewart Alexander (second from right), with members of his circle visited the Beatrice Wright Centre for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Katie Halliwell (front centre) presents a cheque for £800 to Lucy Ward with Brie the Golden Retriever.


The Alexander Project Trilogy and its accompanying CDs, (optional and well worth listening to), present evidential spirit communication together with healing testimonials and séance reports from people living in different parts of the world.  Each book has a transcript of the CDs for readers with hearing difficulties, (thanks to Ann Harrison of SNPP who offered to audio type the CDs).

The physical phenomena through the mediumship of Stewart Alexander still continues today.  I often visit the home circle as an honorary member, writing reports and illustrating any type of phenomena clearly and visibly seen by everyone in the séance room.

Here is one example of my illustrations printed in the Part Three book of the Trilogy, showing Walter’s hand materialising and tapping the table while at the same time, Stewart’s hands are in full view for everyone to see, (Walter transited to the Spirit World in 1911 and is now one of Stewart’s main communicators).


The Alexander Circle has not been without its ups and downs.  Stewart’s sister Gaynor, (a stalwart of the home circle) died in a road accident in February 2009 and Tom Harrison (an honorary member) passed to the Spirit World in October 2010.  The ‘Part Three’ book explains how both these people have communicated since their passing and we have been told that they are now actively working with the spirit team forming a circle in the Spirit World.  The obvious intention of course is to continue working with ‘The Alexander Home Circle’.

The trilogy provides excellent reading, both for the beginner and for those with knowledge of physical phenomena.

In 2011, Ann Harrison produced another book and this was added to ‘The Alexander Project’, titled, ‘Of Love between Two Worlds’.

Of Love cover

This is a true story about Robert and Georgina Brake (Also known as Bob and Ena).

I met them in the late 1980’s and they became very close friends telling me all about their own experiences with physical mediumship (especially with Helen Duncan). 

Getting to know these two people led me to meeting Stewart Alexander on July 8th 1999.

This special date turned out to be the birth of the trilogy.

And to this very day Bob and Ena along with Ronald Hill (all now in spirit) very often communicate with me through Stewart’s mediumship.

Bob and Ena’s sons Tony and Graham Brake own the copyright of this book and at their request; all profit is donated to ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’.

You can read about the evidential trance and physical communication between Bob, Ena, Ronald and myself in this book, ‘Of Love between Two Worlds’

And finally, I would like to tell you something about the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

The charity has two training centres in England, one in Buckinghamshire and one in Yorkshire.

The Hearing Dogs for Deaf People was launched at Crufts in 1982 and is now a world leader in training hearing dogs to alert deaf recipients to important sounds and danger signals.

The charity’s Royal Patron is HRH ‘The Princess Royal’.

The Hearing Dogs for Deaf People has no government funding and relies on the generosity of individuals and groups.

They aim to provide 80 – 100 partnerships a year, helping to relieve the stress, isolation, loneliness and depression deafness can bring.  They also help deaf children by providing the family with a hearing dog and this team work activity has certainly been proved to help boost the deaf child’s confidence in many ways.

If you would like to know more about the ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’, you can visit their website on www.hearingdogs.org.uk

Having been introduced to the Alexander Project, you now have the opportunity to provide yourself with these three educational books and accompanying CDs.  Why not purchase them and recommend them to others in need of our wonderful knowledge.  This could turn out to be an ideal way to help our spirit friends to help others and, in addition, it would help to support ‘Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’.

Other books in connection with ‘The Alexander Project’:-

Life after Death: Living Proof – by Tom Harrison (ISBN 9780955705014)

An Extraordinary Journey – by Stewart Alexander (ISBN 9780955705069)

Both are available from the SNPP on this website. 


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