February 7th -11th 2012


This was a Festival of Firsts

  • It was the first visit of Kai Muegge to the Acacia Centre in Spain.
  • The first time he had used a cabinet that was not his own.
  • It was the first time that photographs, yet to be published on Kai’s website, of ectoplasm being extruded in white light had been shown to the ‘public’.
  • It was the first time through his mediumship that ectoplasm was seen in good white torchlight and a face visible to most of the sitters, was seen impressed into the mass of ectoplasm against the curtain of the cabinet.


On Tuesday morning, February 7th, fifteen of the final eighteen delegates assembled at the Acacia Centre of Robert and Barbara McLernon in the Murcia region of Spain. As well as a number of the regulars at the centre, visitors had flown in from Madrid, USA, Australia and UK for this third festival of physical mediumship. Very few of us were known to Kai, and his fiancée Julia, before this meeting but we were quickly to become friends. The morning was taken up with introductions and a time of getting to know each other.

After lunch we were treated to a talk by Robin Foy, one of the organisers, on Leslie Flint, the Direct Voice medium, with whom Robin had sat a number of times.


At 5pm we gathered for the introductory talk as to what we might expect in the séance which was to follow. Following that introduction Kai left us and we were frisked before entering the séance room. When we were ready Robin carried out a strip search of Kai before he brought him to the special séance room in the garden of the Centre. Assuring us that nothing was hidden in his clothes nor on his person.

The number of sitters for each séance was restricted to 18 at the request of the spirit team.

Each evening started with such loud raps and hammerings around the room particularly on the roof you would have thought we had a team of joiners repairing it.

 Although the Felix Experimental Group (FEG) is not known for giving many personal ‘survival’ connections, (in Germany, we are told, they are more interested in ‘phenomena’ but not in ‘personal proof of survival’), the approach  was adjusted for us.

So, one of the early happenings of that first evening was the materialisation of a man within the horseshoe of sitters described by Hans Bender, the control of the medium and leader of the team of chemists that oversees the phenomena, as – ‘tall, ninety-two when he went and part of the British spiritualist movement’. Who else could it be but Tom Harrison, my husband, back again in his ‘home’ Centre. We heard his familiar shuffling footsteps as he moved across the room. Professor Bender then went on to say the man wished to touch someone in the circle. Because I was at almost the furthest possible point (almost 3 metres) from the cabinet I encouraged him to try to touch Barbara who was nearer but no, with an extreme effort, I felt a tap firmly on my knees (a warm, soft but firm fist) before he was pulled back towards the cabinet. A few minutes later, after we had sung again, Hans Bender came back to say that the man, ‘Thomas’, wanted to tell that lady something (that something was very pertinent to me) and Bender said  he believed ‘he used to be in a circle’ (so true).


That evening we also had instruments being tapped, shaken, moved. We saw fingers against an illuminated plaque over 2 metres away from the cabinet and coming from different directions – not from the direction of the cabinet. We felt touches. I felt as though an owl’s wing had moved across my knees. Barbara felt she had an animal on her knee. We had been warned that these ideo-plastic formations can occur – so very different from what we, in UK circles, normally have.

At the insistence of the spirit control, Kai was put under the control of Julia and Sandra Foy, who were sitting either side of him, whenever the movement of objects or formation of hands was occurring in the room as no straps or restraints are used. They each placed one hand on his leg nearest to them and held his hands with their other hands and assure us that Kai was not moving. Occasionally Sandra was asked to reach across and check that Julia was still holding him too.

In the latter part of the two hour séance we watched ectoplasm being pulled from the medium’s mouth in a good red light. We had been told that it would be a sticky substance. This it certainly appeared to be, adhering to the medium’s fingers but he continued to pull it from his mouth and to pull it apart with his fingers to show us the fibrous gossamer-like structure of spiders’ webs threads in the mass of an unstructured web, like the ones I have seen in my garden in Spain.

Towards the end of this demonstration the fingers of Kai’s right hand appeared to rub/ work the ectoplasm to reveal a tiny Buddha form – an apport which was a gift to the Acacia Centre, which, Julia told us, although it had come from this sticky mass, was dry hot and clean.


On the second day Kai told us of the wealth of historical evidence of Physical Mediumship supported by many historic photographs and later introduced us to the development of the FEG and the latest photographs that he had taken of the ectoplasm being extruded across his tongue after a meditation in daylight.


Throughout the Thursday morning Robert, instructed us in the different approaches he uses in his Holistic Healing.

Later, on Thursday afternoon, in the second séance, Robert felt a very large spider crawling up his leg and body to his chest before it disappeared – another ideo-plastic form. We told him it was because he had teased Barbara about a snake coming. Two people were touched from behind and both, being mediums, knew that it had been their mothers. Bender said he would try to get confirmation of the people but we didn’t get it as the séance was interrupted by someone being taken ill and who had to leave the room.

We were able to re-start and rebuild the matrix of energy in which they work. After the trumpet had moved around the room, conducting the singing, it rested on Robert’s arm and he was told to take hold of it. It played ‘hard to get’ for a few seconds before letting him hold it and they then had a tug of war. Robert told us that the pull was extremely strong and the sitter next to him could feel Rob’s chair moving with the force of holding it. We also watched luminous ping-pong balls being moved on a tray and tossed on to the floor 2 landing nearby, over 2 metres from the cabinet.

Julia was told to switch on the red light and Sandra and Julia held back the cabinet curtains. We then watched ectoplasm being extracted from the medium in a good red light ( full 40watt brightness). Once it had been disconnected from the medium (Yes, they do do that) a hand and arm pushed upwards in it from a pile on the floor and the hand waved to us! Hans Bender told us it was his arm. Then the curtains were closed briefly.  After re-forming the curtains were opened again and we watched a column of ectoplasm, about 6″ across, grow to head height just within the front of the cabinet, with the red light on it all the time – just as Tom must have seen when his Aunt Agg built for the first time in his mother’s circle.


Friday was a day off for our visiting medium and we had a fun day exploring the basics of dowsing followed in the afternoon by tiptology (table tilting), a method employed by our pioneers to communicate with the spirit world.

We did not attempt to spell out the alphabet to communicate but we, and we assume the spirit children, had lots of fun moving the tables.

We had five tables available for the session and we very quickly had most of them, rocking spinning and whizzing around the room – invading the kitchen and playing ‘tig’ with each other – stopping within two inches of each other whilst we sang Nursery Rhymes and other joyful songs. Control was amazing!

Tom had told me the previous Sunday, through Robert’s mediumship, that he would move the table and had given me the trigger song to do that. Towards the end of the afternoon we sat with our own table, trying to get it to levitate, and as the energy was fading I started to sing ‘ Half a pound of tu’penny rice….’ – the trigger. Immediately the table became energised and spun wildly around, pirouetting on one leg for some minutes. Both Barbara and I could sense Tom’s presence and so could one of the other sitters who had known Tom years before but did not know of his promise for this week.

A wonderful experience.


On Saturday morning Robin Foy told the delegates how to sit for Energy-Based Phenomena.

Then on Saturday afternoon, in our third sitting, as well as touches (for me, in my hair, from behind), hands against a plaque, instruments being shaken and tapped to the music, we had the experiment – which the controls of Rudy Schneider would do – a handkerchief with luminous spots on the corners was taken from the outstretched fingers of two different sitters and we watched it float around the room like a jellyfish even going beyond the circle over my head (this time I was sitting nearer the cabinet).

More personal connection was given to the sitter from USA, when a patient of his came back to thank him and a guide, a Sioux Indian medicine man who is a guide of their circle, came to speak to him and gave the Lakota word meaning ‘medicine man’ as well as other information. We could hear the feet pattering against the tiled floor as Bender passed on the information. The sitter assured us, later, that he had not mentioned what he did and no one knew the Lakota word and its connection with him. ( see Neal’s Blog on Physical Mediumship4U).

A lady sitter was given a contact from a guide who comes to her when she is writing music, which gave her a great boost in confidence.

Hans also asked for a message to be passed on to lady named ‘Morgana??’(We replied Morag), saying she was right and gave also the name of Walter and described the man. Morag was not present that evening but she had told us that she felt the presence of her father on the Thursday evening as she wanted to whistle during the singing) and Hans was confirming that she was correct and the other man he described, very accurately, was her husband’s uncle –an excellent connection.

Towards the end of the séance the red light, again full 40watt exposure,  showed us the ectoplasm streaming from Kai’s mouth, with him pulling it out. This time it looked like cotton wool – not sticky – across his knee and on to the floor and again he pulled it open with his hands to show us the internal gossamer thread structure. Julia was instructed to turn off the light and then within seconds to put it on and it was all gone – reabsorbed into the etheric body – we were told.

Bender then asked Julia if she trusted them. Very tentatively she replied, ‘Yes.’

‘You do not sound sure.’

‘I thought you might be asking me a question.’

‘Well do you trust us?’

This time, more firmly, she said, ‘Yes, I do.’

He then went on to ask her to get the torch ( US-flashlight) with white light and shine it on to the floor by her feet. She was then to slowly move the light up on to the cabinet and up the curtain. As she did so we could see Kai’s face poking through the opening of the cabinet curtain and from his nose were ‘ropes’ of ectoplasm which then looped round into a mass of looser ectoplasm seemingly attached to the cabinet curtain to the medium’s right side, several inches away from his face. Bender asked if we could see a face in the ectoplasm – it was his face. From my position in the circle I could not see it as it was turned slightly away from my side of the circle but most of the others could. It was held for quite some seconds before Julia was asked to turn the light out.

This must be the first time that white light has been shone on to ectoplasm for many, many years. The light was quite bright too and only approximately two feet from it. The lamp was the sort you use as a bicycle front light.

They were amazing séances, so much light and openness.

A wonderful five days of variety and contact. Variety in music too using different music each evening as, and this was stressed to us by Hans Bender, it is the sound of our voices which is importance and we had to be able to sing along with it, joyfully.

Thank you Rob and Barbara for your hospitality and thank you Kai and Julia for your devotion to doing what you do.


5 Responses to Acacia Centre hosts Kai Muegge at their Third Festival of Physical Mediumship

  1. Dave Haith says:

    Interesting and fascinating work going on here Ann.
    May it progress to full materialisation of Tom – he won’t be a satisfied until that happens!

  2. darcey says:

    What wonderful proof…How lovely that Tom’s energy and love for his wife and friends enabled Kai to produce the ectoplasm and make this possible, along with Hans Bender.

    It can only get better and better.

  3. admin says:

    We did not actually get any to levitate – spinning wildly on one leg was the nearest but the whole session was in good daylight with sun streaming in through the windows of the centre. No video or pictures were taken. We said afterwards we wished we had a film of the action.

  4. Wonderfull – I can feel the energy just by reading about your experience. I had the pleasure meeting Ann Harrison in Spanin sep2011 – a lovely lovely lady. No wonder Tom is trying to show himself again 😉
    Looking forward to following the development and spirit contact. Next year I’ll be back!
    Thanks a lot for shairing <3

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