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The Voice from my Soul

A little book packed full of positivity and affirmations to help you though the pitfalls and doubts that might assail you on the journey through life.

The Voice from my Soul by Kirsty Sutton

The Voice from my Soul

By Kirsty Sutton

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A little book packed full of positivity and affirmations to help you though the pitfalls and doubts that might assail you on the journey through life. The author has been there, and these are the words that supported and comforted her on her journey.

Divided into eight sections, the short verses are there to help the traveller as they come upon the boulders and rocks along their pathway. It has helped her and now she gives it to you for your journey.

Product Details
  • Paperback: 84 pages
  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (1 Nov. 2018)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-13: 978-1908421302
  • Product Dimensions: 12.7 x 0.4 x 20.3 cm
  • Also available as an E-book from many suppliers including Amazon.

I have spent several years studying spirituality, mindfulness and how to gain peace of mind.  Early in May 2014, at a moment when I suddenly found myself full of fear, words started to come into my head:

I have no need to fear, the universe is here;
Right by my side, is where it resides;
It will take care of me, for eternity.

I have all I need, to succeed;
I need only believe, to receive;
I am surrounded by love, power and strength,
My own guiding light, on whom to depend.

I believe, in my quest for peace of mind, I was being given something to help me: words that would guide, comfort and reassure me.

Over the coming months and years, verses and affirmations continued to pop into my head at the most unexpected moments: when I was in the gym, when I was driving to work or when I was in the shower. Mostly, when I wasn’t even trying.

I do not consider the words I have written to be purely my creation. I consider them to be words provided by the universe. For this reason, despite any fears and reservations about how they may be received by others, I feel they are words that should be shared. Even if they help only one other person, for that one person it could make all the difference. To bring peace to even just one person brings greater peace to the world.


Mind and Body
Requesting Help
The Universe and Life
A few final words

Extract from Acceptance

If there is one thing that has cropped up repeatedly in my quest for peace of mind, it is the need to have acceptance. It is not our circumstances that bring us unhappiness, it is how we view our circumstances. So as much as I can, I try to exercise acceptance as and when things occur. When they are particularly hard to live through, I say to myself, 'This is to help me learn and grow.'

In addition to acceptance of things that happen in our lives, there is acceptance of our feelings.  Accepting feelings such as sadness somehow seems to take the power or strength out of those feelings.  I have found that by allowing a feeling to just be, and not resisting it or adding fuel to it (by giving it too much attention), I can more easily live with the feeling until it has naturally worked its way out of my system.

I accept this moment as it is,
And let my feelings be.
I accept myself as I am,
And let myself be me.
I accept my life as it is,
And let it flow each day.
I accept where life is taking me,
And let it lead the way.

Extract from Feelings

I’m sure at times we don’t even analyse our feelings, and just find ourselves reacting to events, without ever stopping to wonder what’s behind our behaviour. It’s easy to react, rather than to hit the pause button and take time to think. So I believe the first thing is to stop and notice how we are feeling.

Feelings can be tricky to negotiate. Sometimes we just need to accept that we feel a certain way: for instance, sadness after a loss. On other occasions we need to try to let go of a feeling, such as bitterness or resentment.  Then there are times when a feeling might be telling us that a situation is not right, and we need to take action.

I made a mistake,
For which I feel bad;
It's making me low,
It's making me sad.

I made a mistake,
For which I am sorry;
There's nothing I can do,
It's no use to worry.

I made a mistake,
It's been and gone;
It cannot be changed,
It's time to move on.

Extract from "The Universe and Life"

There is something within us that has wisdom and understanding and is there to guide us: our soul. Our soul is connected to the universe and all the wisdom contained within it. Hence that wisdom is available for all of us to access.

Our soul can give us a feeling of the truth of something, a ‘knowingness.’  These feelings could be described as a ‘gut instinct’ or intuition. When we tune in to these feelings, they can help us to know what is and isn’t authentic. This is what I listen to: the inner voice inside me. …

There's a light that shines within us,
Hidden, but always there,
Guiding us through life,
Showing that it cares.

The light can always help us,
It can guide us through each day;
We need only stop and listen,
To know what it would say.

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