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On Raven's Wing by Kate Maesen

On Raven's Wing

This book traces the author's clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities which developed naturally. This is the story of her journey, told in the hope of encouraging others to try and 'embrace the spirit'.

On Raven’s Wing by Kate Maesen

On Raven's Wing

By Kate Maesen

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At the age of ten the author had her first out-of-body experience (OBE), a journey to the beautiful world beyond death. Later when seriously ill she experienced a miraculous light bringing her healing, which set her on a path to find out the truth about these happenings. This book traces the author's development from an unquestioning working-class Catholic girl in a small Yorkshire coal-mining village to a woman hungry for knowledge. Her clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities developed naturally as she became aware of her 'dead' grandmother and her main guide Little Raven. With the appearance of her 'cradle to grave' protector Andreas she was to have many more amazing OBEs. A regular meeting with a group of friends turned into a physical mediumship circle and physical phenomena began to occur. Over the 20 years of working with the spirit world there have been many changes but the work is still ongoing and expanding. This is the story of that journey, told in the hope of encouraging others to try and 'embrace the spirit'.

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  • Publisher: Saturday Night Press Publications (17 May 2015)
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Time to begin (Preface)

ApportsIt has been in my thoughts for such a long time and the time has come to strike the keyboard and watch the words in my mind appear on each blank page. Don’t be alarmed this is no autobiography, for that I’m not famous enough and quite frankly there are few people on this planet who know who or what I am. No, the reasons behind formulating these words are of a different nature, just to be recorded, hopefully read and understood in eons of time rather like the hieroglyphics; a puzzle awaiting to be revealed and for some perhaps a worded passage in our spiritual education. My wish, as an ordinary human being, is to recall and state happenings that have occurred so far along my life’s spiritual journey.  …….

The beginning of my spiritual education could be likened to a spring, first bubbling up from the ground. It was clear yet sharp and cold, as my spiritual awakening had a combination of bodily illness and bereavement. On this journey of discovery the spring turned into a stream, slow moving and hesitant at what I might find when opening this new spiritual door. On doing so, this soon turned into a fast-flowing river in the sheer excitement of finding and wanting to find more. In the rush for knowledge I missed many an opportunity to understand more, as this search and my eagerness in discovery came at the busiest time of my material life and I found it hard combining the two. The stage I’m in now is rather like a lake, the river flows in but stays awhile before flowing out once more. I like this stage. My material career is ended, life is at a slower pace and I can now give more time to spiritual study and practices. …….

If permitted, I offer you an invitation to re-tread with me my spiritual journey so far, in the hope that my experiences will awaken your inner self and give you confidence to open your own spiritual door without fear or trepidation to accept those in the spirit as you would yourself. May you find the confidence to embrace and trust those whom you have known and those you do not yet know, as being as natural as life itself.

The first journey to spirit lands

Bereavement hit my family with the passing of my two grandfathers and my paternal grandmother within a three year period and arrived when I was too young to feel any deep impact. I cannot recall any feelings of sorrow within myself. However, aged ten, the passing of my mother's brother in his early forties came with the usual shock and sorrow as it does in most families. Events are still hazy and again I cannot recall the funeral or knew how this loss affected individual family members.

One evening my grandmother and mother were sitting by our kitchen fire talking, while I prepared for bed. As was our family custom 'reading a chapter' before turning out the light then saying prayers was routine and I loved this quiet time with my books, usually Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five' or 'Secret Seven'. A movement caught my eye and on looking up from the book saw my uncle. I still recall every detail of his features, from his glossy black hair to his lovely, mischievous ice-blue eyes. Thin, with a gaunt face and lop-sided smile, hands in pockets, he was wearing striped pyjamas and wrapped in a burgundy dressing gown with a braided cord round his waist, tied loosely. No screams, no shouting for mum, in fact just pleasure at seeing him.

He told me to lie down on the pillow and I remember feeling very sleepy. I awoke in the most amazing, colourful place with my uncle standing a little in front of me, beaming with happiness. I was distracted by the flowers and their shapes, size, colours, none of which I had seen before. In our drab, grey, colourless, mining village, nothing like this was seen, not even in books.  ……..

Visitations in the night

…… Dotted in between the ordinariness of life came, what was then, alarming events. The feeling of someone sitting on the edge of my bed was a regular occurrence. I would hear my name called and would open both back and front doors, only to find no one there. One night I turned over in bed to see a gentleman standing by the wardrobe complete with watch and chain across his waistcoat. I sat glued to this image, having picked up a tumbler of water, plus my alarm clock to convince myself I was not dreaming. The image slowly, very slowly faded. The time was ten minutes to two.

The final straw came when, again while in bed, I heard what I thought was my young son getting up on his sometimes nightly excursions down to the kitchen to raid the fridge. I was about to protest when in came a toddler, around two years of age. He wore only a nappy and sucked on a dummy which had a string attached with two knots in it. He had a mass of blonde curls, chubby arms and legs, and such large blue eyes.

He took no notice of me and went to my dressing table looking at the photos of my children. In normal conditions one would have greeted such a tot with joy and scooped him up for a hug and cuddle. I was petrified and could not move an inch. I stared, fixated out of sheer fear. Now I cringe at saying this, for he was the most beautiful child, yet he frightened me and why on earth was I seeing and hearing things of this nature?   ….. No sleep was had that night. When the kids were gone to school the following morning I was at my Mum's home like a shot, asking her to please come with me to the doctor's as I needed treatment, tablets, injections anything to make me ‘normal’ again. 

"Don’t worry", she said,"you are like your Gran. Can you remember before she died she told you that you were blessed." Blessed!!! I took this to mean I was blessed with bad luck as everything had gone wrong in my life. "No", Mum said, "she meant you were blessed with spirit." ………

Introduction to a spirit guide

ApportsMore months of sittings went by and our medium's progression as well as mine was ongoing. Having linked with her main guide and given his name our medium wondered if she could find evidence of him at our library. As I was on annual leave I called in the library and looked for books on North American Indians. I scanned through many not finding a name linked to our medium's guide. A large volume was on the top shelf and I struggled to pull it out. When I did so, it dropped on the floor due to its sheer weight. It opened down the middle and there staring up at me was the face I had been seeing at our sittings for months. His name was printed underneath this picture and read Chief Little Raven, Chief of the Arapaho Nation, date 1871.

I found a seat to sit on. Not only was I stunned at his name but this man was real, not something made up, not ghostly, but real and the written words about him plus photograph told me so. He was exactly how I described him to the sitters, no feathers and dressed in 'white man's clothes'. In situations like this I always go weak and this was no time to change. I was weak through and through but the eyes looking back at me brought a lump to my throat and a wave of emotions on seeing him that is still hard to describe.  It is rare that I'm quiet, I'm a chatter box; when not speaking, I'm singing and have an abundance of energy, but over the next few weeks my stunned semi-silence continued.  Nevertheless, I spent time thinking deeply on past events and wondering what would happen next.

Andreas takes Kate on trip to the spirit lands

I came to know the presence of Andreas more, and like Little Raven, was comforted in the knowledge of protection and care. I was informed that he was the ‘cradle to grave' guide, or rather a soul chosen that oversees your wellbeing and progress from birth on earth to rebirth in spirit. …His role appears to be as guide and protector, on leaving the earthly body, into the astral and as tutor on arrival. As the trust between us flourished it brought with it acceptance and a further revelation and lesson was shown. The same pattern commenced, no feeling of movement to right or left, no sensation of rising upward, just a drowsy, heady feeling and the arrival at the destination – instant.

This place was devoid of colour; I stood on the edge of what appeared to be planetary in nature. Rock formations could be detected and solid was the ground on which we stood. Stars overhead in thousands if not millions dotted a deep blue canopy. Nothing was translucent here. The scale and vastness immense. Moving towards us was an illumined form: human in appearance and male, aged, with long straight white hair and gowned in a lengthy robe, tied at the waist. If earthly this figure would be passed unnoticed as the appearance was typically of mankind. However, a difference was added. This personage glowed and gave off a surrounding light. The effect would have been lost in a brighter more colourful place and I understood why the terrain was as so. The light was not dazzling or uncomfortable. It was pleasing and when remembering this now I smile, such was the warmth of welcome coming from that being. …….

Links with the Minnie Harrison Circle

ApportsTo date I have seen Mrs Abbott in my home in solid form on three occasions. "Call me Aunt Agg, dear", but I seldom do as I feel respect is warranted. Oddly I feel more at ease addressing her sister Minnie Harrison, as Min and like her sister she has presented herself twice in my home. At a recent visit she held a white rose saying 'for a Yorkshire lass', smiling broadly and giving that wink and nod seen many years before. Both these ladies and others assist in the sequences of the séance. On occasion Mrs Abbott will address the sitters, while Minnie helps in reassuring and stabilising me when the energy is being pushed through. When she occupies the upper part of my frame, a warm sense of security is there. With Little Raven on my left, Gran on the right, and White Eagle at the rear, when Minnie is within, how else would I feel but secure.

Forming the link with Mrs Abbott through card readings was just the first step in the work to come. She moved from the card table to the séance room in three easy stages. Her first task was to use her beautiful speaking voice via Raven on the voicebox, her second was in helping nephew Tom (Harrison) to become accustomed to the circle's energies, with which he is still wrestling, and lastly her mission was accomplished in bringing Minnie closer to the fold so her energy could be fully merged with mine; thus allowing the spirit energy to be pushed through my frame and be at a distance from me, for the sitters to see and sometimes feel in red light conditions. This event is still very much in the experimental stage with varying degrees of success and is not present at every séance.

Excerpt from a sitting March 2015

Scientist (This gentleman has never given his true name but we nicknamed him Bruce): May we have the dim red light please, a little away from the vessel [the medium].

(Sitters confirmed to each other that they can see the medium and surrounding area in this illumination. In this next sequence the sitters describe what they can see, so it is split up as each speaks.)

Sitters: There is luminosity around the medium’s chest area.
– It is becoming brighter and also brightness around the medium’s right ear.
– It also looks more prominent.
– The medium's face has been blacked out by the dense energy.
– The medium's neck has become quite substantial and has structure to it.
– There is energy building in front of the medium and some energy has come out from the medium towards us.
– There are bright sparkly lights dancing around and away from the medium.
Scientist: We will try more light please.
Sitters: Thank you.
– There are more sparkling lights on the lower part of the medium’s chest area, more prominent now and going up to the neck.
– There is energy on the right side of the medium's neck and the right ear has gone larger. It looks to be sticking out and at the same time a man’s face is over-shadowing the medium’s face.
– There is an awful lot of energy surrounding the medium, especially on the right.
– The face keeps changing and becoming distorted.     
– The chest area has become puffed up and a shape appeared on the lap. It moved across like a broad line of energy.
– There is so much to see it is difficult to know where to look. …….
– The medium is not moving but the energy surrounding her is constantly moving.
– It is certainly interesting to watch. There are faces after faces and look it’s become luminous again. It feels as if we are in the early stages of seeing spirit, having never seen one except on the medium, but when the energy is seen moving and forming shapes I feel like we are actually seeing spirit shapes.
Spirit voice (on the voicebox,): Trying to show face in minute form.
Sitters: Yes we understand, you are trying to show a face in miniature. We saw the energy turning into a blob and shaping itself.
– The energy is moving, like in sculpture form. Her chest area [the medium’s] is blended into her top [t-shirt] now.
– The right ear seems to be moving coming forward then going back.
– There is that small face again. Yes indeed.
Scientist: Thank you for your cooperation. We will have the dark, please. ……..

Words from Little Raven

When our first séance room was established Little Raven kindly gave these words "Welcome to this Lodge – a haven of peace and calm, a place of reflection and progression, a tepee for physical phenomena and communication with the spirit world."

 “Step into the dark my children and touch the light of God.”


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