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Christ at the UN

Christ at the UN - Teachings for a new life

In this book the author has created a scenario in which the Christ, through a new medium, applies his teachings of Brotherhood and Love to today's world.

Christ at the UN - Teachings for a new life By Vitaliano Bilotta

Christ at the UN - Teachings for a new life

By Vitaliano Bilotta

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Two thousand years ago, the Christ, who represents the Ultimate Consciousness of Man, spoke through a medium – the man Jesus.

In this book the author has created a scenario in which the Christ, through a new medium, applies his teachings of Brotherhood and Love to today's world.

Using teachings which have been explained and expanded through Great Mediums of this modern age Vitaliano Bilotta, has woven these Principles together to help us understand our pathway for growth in consciousness and understanding, and thereby help for our world.

Here the Christ addresses members of the UN at its Headquarters in New York, the Buddhist monks in the Potala and the Pope in the Vatican, to pass on his message of how we might move the world forward into Peace.

A fascinating read shedding light on many of the anomalies within the New testament and Christ's relationship with Jesus the man.

Vitaliano Bilotta has been a teacher, journalist, and a trade unionist. From his youth his keen interest in the hypothesis of reincarnation led him to associate with great mediums who handed down important teachings that comprehend Reality in all its aspects.

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Many years ago some friends and I formed a spiritual research group to study the teachings of the Guides who manifest themselves from the higher planes of existence.

Evolvenza logoWhen we asked the guides, "Who are you?" they replied, "We are consciousness." So we decided to call our group "Evolvenza," which is the synthesis of the Italian phrase "evoluzione della coscienza" (evolution of consciousness).

Over time, Evolvenza became a gathering place for some mediums who not only read the teachings with us but were themselves a channel of other teachings and affective and physical phenomena. We think that there exist not only the great mediums, but also lesser mediums, who deserve equally to be listened to and loved. Moreover, as the guides tell us, we are certain that every creature is a potential medium.

Later, we began to apply the guides' teachings to our own lives. As we did this, we worked on narrative frameworks that could answer the question, "Why is life the way it is?" We called these frameworks "active narrative" because they enabled readers to discover, through the "teaching comments", the spiritual reason why the narrated event happened.

But we soon realized that every time we looked to identify a useful topic for our writings, we got lost in the vastness of this wisdom, which seemed to us to be a wisdom not about life but about lives. We thus thought of organizing in one electronic archive all the material we had gathered and were continuing to gather, which was also on multimedia supports like videos, audio files, and photos. In this way an archive of thousands of pages took shape, which is constantly being updated.

Vitaliano BilottaChrist at the UN was born out of this syncretic container of the mediums' teachings. Here we imagine that Christ appears at the United Nations and other major international organizations to explain how his return will come about.

The guides stress that every person who participates in a spiritual research group has to assume the responsibility of making constructive use of what this experience can offer, not only to himself but also in his relations with others. And we too are sure that what we received from the guides is not given to be hidden so that no one can use it, but in order to transmit it to those who need it.

This is why we are spreading the word.

I embrace warmly all the friends who have taken part in Evolvenza meetings and thus contributed to this book.

Vitaliano Bilotta

Extract from Chapter 2

……. As soon as they were on the air, an announcer, with a beard and long hair, asked Christ this question, "In your view, what is meant by the 'Mary'of whom the Catholic Church speaks?"

"The Church does not speak of Mary for what she is," Christ answered. "Mary represents the hidden church, and by 'church' I mean the inner power that is given to each person by evolution. Mary is the Mother who is in all of us, the evolution that we shall acquire. This is the true Mary, and she was not my mother nor the mother of the man Jesus.

"I used the body of the man called Jesus every time that I had to accomplish my mission. I, as Christ, was never born and never died, because I have left the cycle of human lives. For me, the man Jesus was born and died; he hosted me in his physical body every time I spoke to the people, and through him worked what you call miracles…"

"We have a phone call," the director interrupted

"Go ahead," said the announcer to the listener who was on the phone.

"… Actually, I called to ask another question," said the listener excitedly, "but now I am on the line I'll ask this one: if the Christ never died, what happened to Jesus?" …..

Extract from Chapter 4

…….Then the director general said "Speaking of religion, I would like to ask the Christ his opinion on the state of the religion that he himself founded."

"I did not found a religion," the Christ answered, "and I do not found any new religion, because I was not and am not a man – I am consciousness. With my return, you must have a new revelation, not a new religion. You must have an inner enrichment."

"You speak good English, but it's a bit sing-song. Can you explain why?" asked a UNESCO official.

"Because when I communicated for the first time through the body of the man Jesus I spoke in poetry," answered the Christ. "I expressed my thoughts in poetry. What for you now are sentences were lines of poetry, not because I wanted to show off a skill but because in those times it was customary for teachers to speak according to certain rules, to make themselves understood and make what they said easier to remember. This should not make one think that I was interested in accumulating proselytes. Then as now, I was interested in speaking to people and not in people's reactions."

"Why can't science demonstrate what you say, which is the existence of a life beyond this one?" asked another official.

"The answer to this has to come not from me, but from you," said the Christ. "Each of you who belongs to this organization that is based on intelligence should intuit that the proof, the demonstration of the existence of the afterlife, which would be valid for science, at the current 'intermediate' state of evolution of mankind, does not exist. And not because there have not always been phenomena that demonstrate transcendence to single individuals, but because, my children, your science lives 'in the mind' and is not capable of 'feeling' these demonstrations. So it is not proof that is lacking, but it is people who in their narrowness – and this is certainly not their fault, any more than a flower that has not yet bloomed can be blamed for being a bud – and their limited consciousness does not conceive the meaning of the phenomenon through which I am talking to you, which is in and of itself living proof."

Extract from Chapter 7

…….the pope looked at the Christ and nodded in assent as though approving the encounter. When they were a few yards away from his chair, the pope smiled and blessed the Christ with wide gestures. In such emptiness, the Audience Hall made the act even more sacred and inviolable.

The Christ knelt with the others in front of the pope, who raised him to his feet and spoke to him "Your fame is great in the countries you have visited," he said, "so we believe you will want to stay for a while also in Italy."

"I will stay, according to your time, in which I will say what I came to say," the Christ replied.

"Tell me," said the pope approvingly, "what is the true greatness of the Christ?"

"The Christ is 'an aspect of the Logos' and represents 'cosmic consciousness'."

"What do you mean by cosmic consciousness?"

"The maximum consciousness that this cosmos can express, in which the creatures who have achieved their evolution in this cosmos are identified."

"Why did you say that the Christ is an aspect of the Logos and not 'the Logos', given that he is cosmic consciousness?" asked an employee of the Curia, showing his familiarity with these concepts.

"Because the Logos is the Absolute which is poured out in all cosmoses and not just on one cosmos. Therefore, the Logos cannot be described as 'one' cosmic consciousness but as 'all' the consciousnesses of the cosmoses. This is why I said that I, as Christ, am 'one aspect of the Logos'. Now, I tell you that the one talking to you with the voice of the instrument I am using was not the Christ, but the One who has no name, the One who is using me."

"Ask me more of your questions," said the Christ to the pope.

The pope seemed to reflect. He considered himself to be in his domain, which was a world unto itself, a grandiose ensemble of buildings with countless rooms, great halls, museums, galleries, libraries, chapels, hallways, courtyards, and gardens, rich in treasures of every sort. For centuries there was no great artist who did not leave the mark of his genius on this place, and there was no lover of beauty who did not yield to the wonder of this domain.

And yet that man who said he was the Christ, by a captivating pull that was inexplicable yet real, spoke to the pope on the same level, as though he were an ordinary man. ….

Extract from Chapter 8

…… A cry broke forth from the paralyzed young man, and the Christ fixed him even more intensely. The boy felt the power growing larger and larger in his whole body and come out of him with a violent shaking back and forth, which attracted him towards a point a few meters away from him that demanded he get to it at all costs. But he remained immobile. And yet the power was thundering through his whole being, unstoppable

Then it was not the disabled young man who obeyed, it was his body that, trembling, began to lift itself up from the wheelchair but immediately fell back, overcome by its own history. The Christ continued to gaze at him.

Once again the young man jumped and rose up from his pain. He leaned his torso on to the footboard of the wheelchair and accompanied this gesture with his right leg, which barely moved. Then he fell back again, overcome.

The Christ then went over to the boy without ceasing his fixed gaze and entered his soul. An irresistible force ran through him, and the young man lifted himself once again from the wheelchair by means of his powerful arms that for so long had been arms and legs for him. Slowly, using the muscles of his abdomen that took the place of his withered legs, his left leg slid along the footboard and his arms supported his mighty torso. His legs fell into alignment and once again his upper body drew erect. His lifeless feet touched the footboard.

The travellers in line to check in saw the liquid, shining gaze of the boy and the Christ looking fixedly at him.

His right leg moved forward on the footboard, his body lifted up some more and followed his leg. The agents behind the counter stood up from their low chairs to see better. The boy's body stood up straight and his legs supported him, while the murmuring of the crowd grew into loud shouting. When his legs stretched out straight, the shouting fell silent. …..

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